Events we make them or deny them unto ourselves  

touch197 63M
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4/26/2006 8:40 am
Events we make them or deny them unto ourselves

It’s so many motivation in some things people do, that one has to observe the temperament of the individual, and the body language along with what's said, and mostly in some situation what's "not said"... to really grasp the full spectrums of the event of the moment, when interacting..

It would be nice if people would state their wants, without the circles of cycles...testing manipulations and the application of manipulating methods..

it's so simple to simple ask.. but also be willing to accept "no" with the same respect that one would accept "yes".. of an individuals choice to decide... otherwise.. it's no different than a dictation, command, or method of forcing one by mental gymnastics ...

we must really come to know .. with whom we communicate, and of whom we are thru what we communicate..

As it's true...
"Communication surely creates "events".

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