Age differences and why it does not matter.  

touch197 63M
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4/30/2006 12:39 pm
Age differences and why it does not matter.

Some love and between the shortness of years between them.. Feel they have forever together, and tragic things may befall on or both of them, some in youth, love unto each other, and thus time may take one in the flash of a moment.. For who stand to judge and state such of judgment... should be one who can issue a promise that each will live until eternity, or some date preset, .. So surely none can know this, therefore... why speak of what is too young and what is too old for love to dance between the hearts of two..
for there are many women abused, played and mistreated by men of their same age.. and there are many loved with a passion that is grand as the glory of life.. by men of more years upon this earth that has been lived by the women of his choosing...

Who.. is of one... that can make such judgment and pass such stones of uncertainty, and claim them to be of petals from a rose. In their judges about age differences..

We must think of what we advise and of what has given us the illusion of authority to advise, on something as un changeable and un constrained as what is love... and loving.

How many ways can mankind find to try and shackle, corral, constrain and detain and refrain and show disdain.. And invoke pain… in their ways of denying and seeking to deny love it’s freedom to be.

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