Just watch the standard types! :-)  

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10/26/2005 5:12 pm

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Just watch the standard types! :-)

I've not been on here very long, but already there are distinct patterns emerging from the Chatrooms.

A guy "walks in": he has two standard actions ... the first of which is subdivided into two options.

ACTION 1, Option 1 Watch for any female actively typing in the room and immediately say "Hi" to her - work your way down the list, hoping for a reply (In their heads a reply is probably an instant invitation to somewhere "private" on the internet where he will be shown all sorts of wild cam and text action, be e-mailed a hard-disk full of erotic photographs, then will either be invited to the lady in questions luxury penthouse for a lifetime of "no strings attached" sex - where He is a superstud of course and can always satisfy.

ACTION1, Option 2 Work down the Room Members List and say Hi to every female on it in turn, the rest is as for option 1.

ACTION2 On entering a room simply paste in your preprepared line of text a few dozen times. This text will be made up of various options - each of which end up (in his head) the same way as ACTION1-Option1, but often uses an internediate chat program like MSN or Yahoo for the cam, pic and text action.
Option1 - Description of endowment
Option2 - alternative chat program address
Option3 - add 1 & 2 together.

I think they must sleep-type, or have every other guy on Ignore, because they all think they are being original and clever - either THAT or they actually think the lines are working so try them themselves.
Just watch how long the guys stay in a chatroom.. they try their chosen Action a few times and then move to the next xhatroom.. It is funny to stay in one room when there are not many full rooms around.. The frequency of their visits and the reappearance of their text increases in proportion.

Doesn't any male read profiles before diving in? LOL It's OK, I know the majority don't. If you saw a woman in a bar/cafe/pick-a-venue that you found attractive (You would have to look around the place first to be able to decide on your particularily "lucky lady" - part of that looking around SHOULD be to make sure that the object of your fantasy is not attached to someone who is more than capable of ripping your head off - or perhaps I am just too old adn gentlemannly for the new trends.. All I know is that if the guys in the places I frequent (and that includes new visitors to those venues) acted in such an idiotic manner they would be laughed out of the place - or "assisted" out physically.
Yes I know most of you think this is fantasy Island and in no way related to the real world, but then I also know that people don't act quite as moronically or predictably in the real world because there are not that many people walking around with bruises and plasters (bandaids).

OK Time for more coffee.. while I think of something else to gripe about.


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