Just anotha day in PARADISE..  

toocute40 57F
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3/29/2006 10:34 am
Just anotha day in PARADISE..

Hey all..Well..I was a busy bee today..out and about in the world of the un..uninformed..unemployed..ya get the picture right?? Thank GOODNESS for my fantasy life..the life I lead when I have no kids around..Does your fantasy life keep you upbeat and on the ball when u are down? I mean alot of stuff gets me movin' but when I know I have some thang ta look forward to then that helps me bring it all together..Of course,just being able to wake up is a good start but my imagination plays a part too as well as my actions..so..wanna hear about it?? Heeheehee..not all..but some..I am all ready for story time if ya'all are!

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