History of Academy Award Violence...  

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3/13/2006 12:39 am
History of Academy Award Violence...

I just saw the movie History of Violence, and OMG was it good. This being another post involving a movie (sorry I like movies) I was also wondering about the academy awards. Do you think they are on point...or a joke spawned by rich white people?

This past academy awards has made me very happy with the selection of CRASH as the best picture. A movie that came out on home video a while ago (try almost 6 months) has come back and won the award and a couple others. Its nice to see the academy look back a bit and pick something that truly shined instead of some right before the awards show media frenzy that wins. Now unfortunately I have not seen all of them and I do agree with almost any movie the academy picks (cause in the end it is just some dudes or dudets opinion) but there has been movie picks that people have been bothered by. I think my fav of all time is when my ex was telling me how disappointed she was in seeing TITANIC win all those awards. A "girl" telling me TITANIC didn't deserve the awards. Now I liked Titanic but I if I recall correctly (that was a while ago) her pick would have been L.A. Confidential. Hope I got that right, and yes L.A. CONFIDENTIAL was an awesome movie which I wouldn't have minded seeing win, but TITANIC had impact. People went to the theatres I don't know how many times to see that movie. Like 6 SENSE.

That being said, the whole "impact" idea went out the window when SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE beat out SAVING PRIVATE RYAN for best picture. This in my eyes was the biggest bull shit pick on the academy's part. Yes I liked SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, yes the actor's and actresses were all very good (even Ben Affleck), yes great story, great all that, but there is no way in HELL I would pick that over SPR. Few people acutally tried to argue with me and I reminded them of Carlin and told them to go play a game of hide and go fuck themselves.

Case in point. I had to drag my girlfriend at the time to go see SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. Mind you I liked the movie...alot...but all she wanted to do was blow me in the back of the theatre. To let you all know some punk ass couple sat (empty theatre mind you) right across from us in the back, so I din't get the blowjob. But at least the movie was good...not that my girlfriend cared, she didn't even like it. SPR I saw 3 or 4 times in Theatre. People were crying in the theatre. Vets whispering through tears "yeah...thats how it was." And that movie loses to SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE for best pic. Okay...

Aside from that I like the academy's picks and even if I don't agree, I can still find merit in them.

Just thought I'd rant about that...

Oh by the way...since this is AdultFriendFinder...I of course have to ask which actress leading or supporting, you'd leave your wife and kids for to fuck just one time at this past Awards show.

If I had to choose one I'd of picked Charlize, but I would have fucked them all. Yeah you heard me, even Judy Dench. Then I could tell everyone at the bar "Yeah I fucked Judy Dench once..."

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