First Blog Post...again...  

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2/12/2006 7:40 pm

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First Blog Post...again...

Well I'm getting to know my way around this site more and more, got a pic up (will try to get more) and am eager to meet someone from around the way who wants to have a good time, and maybe a tongue bath who knows
Wanted to ask a few questions and hope to get some responses back though.

Girls and Videogames...the great divide.
Whats up with that? How can someone be gifted with unbelievable sexual talent and not play a game worth a damn? Now I have seen girls who can do both, but they are way too few...
any insight?

I'm relatively new to the area so wondering where the best places to hang out are?

Am i right to believe that there is NOT a girl out there who doesn't like anal stimulation of some sort while getting it on?

The big thing that brought me here was a woman I was the "nice guy" too for almost 4 years and just like that left me. The thing that got me the most was that she never told me why (and her big thing in a relationship was communication) What drives a woman to do something like that?
For the love of god please be straight with a man on crap like that. If gotta go fine, but tell him why. Let me know what you think on that.

That being said, yes I know there are asshole guys out there, (I think I know a good amount of em) but that was not going to be me. Having been all around the country and in other countries, I've read and talked to people on a lot of different views on woman and it's my conclusion that there isn't much living for other than that of a good woman who's a freak in bed too. That part of me needs to take a breather now after the ex. I still believe that, want to have a family later, but I want to have fun now!! Even though ex was a freak theres nothing like new pussy freak. Thats what I'm down for right now. So if there's any girl(s) who can help me out with just fun sex or goin out to places to have a good time, holla back!!!

P.S. I love laughing and joking around so got any good jokes or stories post em up and let me hear em!!

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