Deep thoughts...with Tonguerocka  

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2/14/2006 9:55 pm

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Deep thoughts...with Tonguerocka

Wanted to make a couple posts tonight one a more phillosophical maybe even sad one for some, and one just good one to add comments or stories too.

First I wanted to talk about something I thought of today this beautiful V-day here in chicago land area. Unfortunately having to work all day and not having a hot valentine's day date, I decided to visit the gramps who unfortunately lost his valentine a few weeks ago. She lived long and prospered was the cornerstone of family involvement for members coast to coast and abroad. Gramps was doing well but on drive back started thinking about how their relationship lasted as long as it had.
Then I started to think about all the relationships of people that I've been close too and how the long ones were able to last. In this day and age it seems almost ridiculous to see a lasting relationship of say 60 + years. I've seen the classic f*ck buddies who were inseperable in college and everyone just wanted to see them get married because they KNEW it was going to last. And in only a couple years (if that) time...divorce, seperation, not even speaking to each other as if the other person had never lived. And everyone wondering what the hell happend?
From the people still going stong I've been able to put one big thing together that I'm almost sure the relationships that didn't last had failed at. SACRIFICE
Without the people in the relationship (and I mean everyone involved) sacrificing something, it just wasn't going to happen. I'm not saying you need to change yourself, or settle for something that really bothers you, but think about something you may be able sacrifice for the betterment of all involved.
Examples could be a person who hated seeing parents argue and/or divorce as a kid, and now as an adult involved with someone thinks it may be time to leave cause of one argument. Doesn't have to be that like cowgirl but he always wants driving you crazy and likewise affecting you gettin some from just really being tough on ya and mate says the wrong thing at wrong time...
Even when things are going well the pain of life is a constant. The ones who can give up a little (SACRIFICE) and work through the problems with significant other will most likely succeed.
Obviously not perfect wisdom, especially coming from Tonguerocka, but for all those out there on this site "having fun," theres gonna come that time when something sets you off and you may want something more serious than a fling. Hope it works out perfectly but remember somewhere in the relationship it won't allways be peaches 'n cream.

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