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Getting away from my philosophy side, I figured I'd tell one of my best sex stories and want to hear some good stories from the rest of ya!!!

This story is one of my fav not because of how novel the sex was (wild location, experimening something new, etc...), but how pure passion and lust overrides everthing else. Some things you'd hesitate at, at least for a moment; not even thought of as you drive yourself to pleasure and the big O.

Her and I had worked all day, and we ended up meeting at my place right from work. As usual it was then time to party. So just changing out of work clothes not worrying about anything like a shower or the like, we proceded to get our party on. People talkin, playin cards, drinking heavily, music goin, and to top if off it was all at my place so didn't need to worry bout driving anywhere. By standard early next morning is when party dies finally, and everyone rolls out, save for me and the honey that is.

We head upstairs stripping off each others clothes as best we can. We hit the bedroom rip the rest of the clothes off and before I can make a move shes swallowing the cock. Not a really sloppy one with a lot of hand action, but a very wet, deep throaty one. I'm enjoying it immensely but I've got a beautiful, naked woman in front of me and I've got to do something! I start to caress and send my hands probing when...denied. Pushed back it was her show then and only hers for the time being. Tough to argue with that. Not ever having stopped the job she continued to bob her head back and forth coating my cock with warmth and saliva. For who knows how many minutes I had to stand there and take the ecstasy, but I just wanted to get at her body!! Finally I said "Baby this is driving me crazy!" and picked her head up and off my glazed rod and deep tongue kissed her while I leaned in and put her on her back. Teasing her with the tip of my cock dipping into her honey pot, I worked slow, wet, tongueing kisses down till it was my turn to do what I love most. Starting with the top of her bald private area I worked around the inner thighs before heading in to the ass crack and proceeding up the vagina. Lip locked around her clit I did a pulsing suction careful not to be too hard. Working her to a leg lock around my neck, she all of a sudden pushed me off again. I was a little taken aback, but she didn't say anthing and went right for my cock again. Proceeding to do what she started with I at least was able to wrap around and work my hands straight to her privates. Not stopping me this time I had free reign. She was working my cock, my balls, I had one hand in her vagina and a finger from the other one probing into her ass. Finally she jumps off and spins around on all fours ass facing me waiting for the good ole doggie style.

(This is where the story gets to my point, while she spun around I pulled my probing finger out of her ass and just happend to catch a wif of...well...ass. Thats when I realized that none of us had showered all day, the days work, hours of partying, bathroom breaks between...and no formal cleansing of areas before this session may have not been the best idea. But at that point...she was golden on the outside and pherimones were way in hell I was stopping)

I mount her from behind doin the standard doggie, enjoying every muscle contraction, every sound she makes. Time goes by my hands our firmly gripping her hips and there's that lovely pink rosebud ass staring back at me. Having recently gottin her into anal I figured this is too great a night to pass up. I mentioned I wanted to put in in her ass. She slid off and moaned "Put it in." Dick was so wet I easily slid into her ass and proceeded to work that balls deep. The sex is unbelievable at this point but time goes by and i can feel the vaginal, saliva lube wearin thin. I'm figuring its time to wrap this night up, and as I'm about to pull out and come, I guess she realized it was starting to get dry too. She pulls out, turns around, grabs my cock pulls me foward so she could get her mouth around it and gives the same deep, wet, blow job from before just long enough to get it wet again and guides it back into her ass! I could only pump her 4 more times before I pulled out and just exploded. First wave sailed over her head against the wall, second in her hair, third and the rest covering her back down to her ass.

I shit you not about the cum shot either. I don't brag about sex, but if there was one thing I'd be a pornstar for, its the cum shot. Crazy as it sounds I had to kiss her for doing that, it was just that amazing. No pornstar enimas, no pre shower, no condom, and no regrets.

Holla back with a story!!!!
Working on getting more pics of myself up, and one more thing for the girls out there...I've never done this to a girl, but is it pleasurable to finish while in her ass during anal, or is best to pull out?

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3/6/2006 3:43 am

Wow...a second

Well thanks for commenting kk. Yeah I've checked around a few other blogs, apparently there's a few girls who don't really mind that much when a dude cums in their ass. And as far as the sucking off after anal...well it happens all the time in porn, but they are "prepared." The whole thing is though that we were so caught up in the passion of things, we didn't really care.

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