New thought....  

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6/23/2006 6:02 pm

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New thought....

Why do I come off as a friend and not someone just to fu(k? I had someone tell me that I was too nice of a guy and I care too much. Darn it, yes I care, that is who I am, especially away from this "game" of AdultFriendFinder. (I saw AdultFriendFinder described over on a blog that Redheadedmed was commenting on and it was the best analogy to "what" AdultFriendFinder was I have ever seen, I just can't remember the post, but I digressed way too much.)

I am a nice guy, but you know what, nice guys need laid too. Nice guys deserve a nice raunchy care free mind blowing fuck every once in a while as well. Not get attached and not care the next day other than the smile on your face remembering all of the pleasure both parties had. Anyway, just a thought I felt like expressing. I was told I probably should be more of an asshole. Sweet.

Any helpful tips, thoughts or comments out there in blogland?

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