Let's face it  

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2/23/2006 7:43 pm

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Let's face it

Many people refuse to show their faces to the AdultFriendFinder community, but many members refuse to even acknowledge one's existence without seeing a face.

There are good reasons for both actions by AdultFriendFinder members.

I don't show my face because I don't know who will see it or where it may turn up. It would be extremely embarrassing to find my nude AdultFriendFinder picture, with face, circulating through the email at work.

Others may not want their neighbors or significant other to find out they participate in this activity.

And there are other, more deceitful reasons.

For those who refuse to even chat with you without a face picture, well, I feel that is a little extreme. Sure, it is nice to see whom you are talking with. And I have to admit, I don't like to IM with camera if the other party doesn’t have a camera and there are no pictures at all on their profile. And I won't get very deep into an email exchange without a picture. But that's just my personal fear of "getting off" with someone who is not of the opposite sex. And for that purpose, a facial shot (no pun intended) is not really necessary.

However, a picture on the profile is no guarantee, face or not. Nor is an emailed picture. Anyone can upload a picture of anyone else, and I have seen multiple profiles with different descriptions and the same picture. (Though, not lately)

My preference is to chat or IM, using cameras, with people I am interested in as soon as possible after meeting. That way, I can show my face in a more controlled environment, if requested, and I can see them.

And if the other party doesn't have a camera? Well, you just have to use your best instincts.

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