What I Find  

todVball 52M
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6/22/2006 4:23 am
What I Find

1. I "turn on" well; The more people the hornier
2. Viewers are cool, but pagers are better!
3. A page of any kind, means interaction,
and that really 'drives' me
4. All types have stayed long
5. Haven't set much up yet, though perhaps some
light bondage or photography
6. Lots of work n prep go on for this
7. Chat room... not so fun.. but occasionnally
you get a conversation
8. Erotic stories I may venture into
9. Can't imagine close friends getting into this,
but I may ask them
10. I prefer this way of meeting than a bar scene

worst thing..

1. when I'm not aroused, ya gotta help me
2. hunger and thirst increase

c ya soon!

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