My friend 'Wooff' from India:)  

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8/6/2006 5:09 am

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5/28/2007 6:25 pm

My friend 'Wooff' from India:)

Not too many people do I know from India...but this girl was nice. My college roommate was from India.. that might be the only other that I know.

I gotta work on this!!

1 Would you kiss me?
You're pretty smoocherific.. so yes.

2 Give me a nickname and tell me why you picked
it "Checkers" well... you asked.
Its because you like us to make 'moves'

3 Describe me in one word. Vivacious

4 What was your first impression of me, from my
profile or blog? I clicked on ur cam; you gave someone the finger

5 If you could give me anything what would it be? a Trampoline!!

6 What do you think is my best character trait? giggly & fun

7 Would you consider me to be your friend? yeah.

8 If you could pick one song to describe me,
what would it be? Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake

9 Are you going to put this on your blog? Sure

woofff 42F

8/25/2006 1:05 am

Hey you. Are real? (Is seized by a moment of panic) You mustn't mind
my manners. But am not clear why you pasted post alongwith the answers of someone else...

I am happy have made a friend. Is your hair real too? Its nice.

Just wanted to show face. Grins.

Woofff (not 2f's 3,right) I kept adding em until ID was accepted. I'l
be back ,you.(That was NOT a threat)

woofff 42F

8/25/2006 1:08 am

Ohhh its a hat. Lol! I thought that was a hairstyle,you!!!

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