Where is she!!!!  

toadlick 43M
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7/13/2005 11:09 pm

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4/23/2010 7:03 pm

Where is she!!!!

Been with some of the best teachers out there. But something in me tells me theres someone out there who dosent need to be tought or teach....
Realy wish I could find that special someone soon so I can quit toiling around out in this world with my blindfolds on thinking every next woman I give incredible sex to or get it from, and trys to keep me as one cuz they all have great qualities but somehow just don't cut the cake.By no means am I looking for perfection just a female/lady/woman/girl who can find them selves realitively close to me in more than one aspect of life..If you think your her give us a try so we'll both know...

Sincerely Jay/Toadlick

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