Fri before x-mas  

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12/23/2005 7:40 am

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Fri before x-mas

sitting her in nothing more then sweet pants and a tee shirt checking my e-mail and blogs and to y suprise message reads last minute trip will be in city would love to see.She left a phone number you know I had to call and the other end said don't have much time but need a break and would I be willing to help.Wow willing to help, I thought for a sec(not) were and when.
Jumped to the shower and out the door towards the mall I was headed and the phone rang it was here she was only 10 blocks from the house.Everyone was out shopping last minute runs and she said we only got 30 or so min .Drop by what else could i say.
We have been friends now for 4-5 months and we know each other pretty well but time to my suprise she got out of the car and timidly said hi and we did greatings.We Walked to the house and showed her around after giving her a nice kiss. we went to my office (in house) we my computer is and she droped her dress to the floor and nothing was under it bur passion /WOW/
I placed her onto my desk and ate her to a frinzzy and she got up and grabeed my dick and slide it into her AS she bent over the desk both of us way to quickly climaxed over this ......


12/23/2005 8:50 am


rm_DarknStar 55F
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12/24/2005 7:24 am

so back up big boy, let me clean that awesome cock off for you with my tongue. Let me guide it to the back of my throat...Slow pulling it back out of my mouth, licking all the way to the head. I flip my tongue around, just on your cock head..tongueing your little piss slit. You began to moan and that gives me the cue to suck harder, and lick more. Until I have you hard and really for some more of my HOT pussy!!!


open4fun2005 59M/52F

12/25/2005 5:27 pm

Wow! Sounds like fun times! You go!!

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