The things kids come out with (Part1)  

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6/5/2006 4:06 pm

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The things kids come out with (Part1)

This one happened a few weeks back when my seven year old son was staying with me for the weekend.

An advert for Lynx Deodorant (the one that purports to turn even the ugliest of men into a walking babe magnet) came on the TV. In the ad, the man sprays the deodorant on the standard lamp in his living room. In the next scene his girlfriend/wife/casual sex partner (given the usual tone of their adverts, my money is on the latter) walks into the room, smells the scent and then starts to use the standard lamp as a prop for a pole dancing routine.

Watching this, my son looks at the TV, looks at me and says, "She's shagging the lamp post".

Wasn't sure whether or not I should have been shocked.

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