decadence of the western empire  

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2/23/2005 6:10 am

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decadence of the western empire

I have always been known to be avantgarde in my thinking and way of living.
being a student of the human condition, I foresee the end of western civilisation as we know it in a future not so far away. Don't panic it's not the end of the world.
Nobody has realised yet but a sleeping dragon has just awaken. Yes, I'm talking about China.
While our goverments are putting all their attention with the middle east,they don't see what's happening far east.
Enough with Geopolitics, lets focus on our own decadence.
I am making a direct comparison with the roman empire here.We, in North America think we know best. We rule over the world but can't deal with what is happening in our own backyard.
We act liberal we are tolerent and honor is a thing of the past, do we look gooood...
At the end of the Roman empire, like us now, sex was so common that it had lost it's essence.gays we thriving in all spheres of society(i'm not homophobiac but I realy have a problem when it comes for them to parade in our cities).live and let live has it's limits. selfRespect has also disapeared.capitalism has become so savage that we are destroying the planet and other cultures.
We have put so many restraint to our unions between men and women that comes a point where it is impossible to live happily together.People don't marry for the right reasons these days.
prostitution is thriving because emphasis is put on self indulgence and the fact that it is so difficult to meet open people.Here in the Ottawa region, I have never met such a concentration of angry,closed,incult,selfcentered people.
I have a few solutions, but for another time


2/24/2005 12:05 am

Well, your geopolitical thoughts are no big discovery... the macroeconomic world has understood the benefit of having many little chineses working for nothing, for the profit of big multinationals... The sleeping dragon has played the perfect role of pretending to be asleep, this strengthning its wallet...
As to the Roman Empire, Cesar was all the way to great to compare it with Mr Bush, despite all addictions to sex, food, slavery, imperialism, and lack of social sensibility, within others, that are the true conditions that make them comparable and truly similar... The third world should rise with strength, but overall, preserving human values, now days seeming to be lost.... some where in the consuming society that north america -"the american dream"- has leaded...

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