tippsy_mcswagger 38M
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9/16/2005 4:53 am

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11/6/2009 11:45 am


Ok i might have been a bit frustrated before joining this site,but now...!!
every time i log in im bombarded with all these sweet images on beautiful fit women from all over the world.Every time i log off,i reckon my trousers will explode!This site should come with a warning

Still ive started chatting with some lovely girls on this site,so i cant complain too much.

I just got a car a few weeks ago,and i reckon it would be pretty sweet to give the suspension a good testing with some sex crazed woman (or women,dont know how many i could fit in tho lol)in a secluded area...mmm or if the partner was feeling adventurous enough maybe a car park during the day....oh well i can dream i suppose

Right ive just re-read what i just wrote,and it makes no sense,and just proves that writing when hungover is not a good idea

Anyway here comes da WEEKEND!!!!Party on!

rm_not_taken 41M
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9/17/2005 10:30 am

An 4-some in a car. Parked close to a forest when it is raining. Hmm..

Would you be willing to volunteer your new car?

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