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tipadee 37F
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2/7/2006 11:00 am

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filling of your dreams

Sorry. I was so busy wallowing in my self pity that I didn't get around to making any post. And there were some great days to ignore this weekend.

Saturday February 4th:

Thank a Mailman Day

Stuffed Mushroom Day

Yeh I know, unless your really like your mailman or stuffed mushrooms, this is a lame day. But I had a great idea. I renamed it Stuff your mailman day. Its truly great. You can chose the filling of your dreams, from cheese to crab meat, pudding or cum, even cotton. It really is a holiday that may catch on.

Sunday February 5th:

Weatherman's Day

I have nothing to say about this one.

Monday February 6th:

Pay A Compliment Day

New Zealand Day

Hmm. This one has done past, so we really wouldn't have to, but just in case, I think that we should work on this one. Try telling people things like 'wow, you have large balls, great!' or 'you can't even tell it's a porcelain tooth'. And in honor of New Zealand, watch Lord of the Rings, because that is all I really know about that place.

Tuesday February 7th:

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

While this is a great thing, I wonder why it's 'Black'. It's not that HIV/AIDS are racist, sexist, prejudiced at all. Remember that while having your fun. No love without the glove.

As for the week coming up, there are lots of things that we should be paying attention to.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Week

Celebration of Love Week

Flirting Week

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week

Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week

National Children of Alcoholics Week

Sexual Responsibility Week (National Condom Week)

Hospitalized Veterans - National Salute

Ok I am too tired to comment on each of these things, just that most of it is depressing. Unless you are flirting with a child of an alcoholic heart patient that is hospitalized due to improper child safety seat installment while in the service, fall in love and have safe sex.

caressmewell 54F

2/8/2006 5:40 pm

OMG, February really is lame...and cold!

skyking412004 54M
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2/8/2006 1:35 am

I like your "stuff your mailman day". Sometimes my mailman is actually a mailwoman, and she looks pretty sexy in those little blue postal shorts. "Send em' packin with your parcel", that's what I always say.
A note of interest to you Tipadee...I just finished the last half gallon of organic milk. I have one package of organic Romaine Hearts left, one half bag of chocolate covered pretzel bites, and one piece of almond toffee. I just got the feeling back in my ass about two weeks ago.

AwlKnight 62M/60F

2/7/2006 8:04 pm

Good to see the safe sex references, especially in your age bracket.
Hang in there. In ten more years the stupid ones and unfortunately the careless ones will weed themselves out. And you a similar friend can look at your 10 years of blood tests and how careful you were by knowing who you screwed and who they screwed. And you may celebrate it bareback for a night. If you make there, look us up.

Oh, and I'll have to see if my wife wants to the stuff a postal worker. (or will let me do the one who delivers to our house, she's a hottie)
Hope you cheered up. We did reading you.

saddletrampsk 55F

2/7/2006 7:11 pm many days..why don't they have a bloggers day? sheesh

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