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4/26/2005 9:53 pm

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My first article

The is more penis down there then most even think about (634 Views)


tinytemptress05, 23 C
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My husband and I have been rather kinky with each other for
a while now and we love to try new things together in bed.
I don't know where we come up some of the things we try but,
whether they work for us or not, we still tried it. My husband
has this new liking of cock rings. He has always been the
rough riddin type, so I had known that allot of pressure
and allot of physical attention was his thing.
Last night, after reading a few things on ALT, I became rather
turned on. Looking at things I don't normally look
at and finding myself getting more and more curious about
things that usually make me blush- such as water sports
and master/slave situations. I have to admit after reading
stories about pissing on someone or being pissed on really
made me wet! This is something I would have never had thought
would turn me on. Also, reading such master/slave stories
put such a wonderful image in my mind of tying up my hubby
and pissing all over him and knowing that he would like it!

So off to bed I went- DRIPPING WET.

I awoke my husband by lightly stroking his inner thigh,
just enough to tickle him until he rolled over in a sleepy
stir. I continued stroking his thigh and increased my reach
to his penis and swollen balls. With enough teasing he paced
my hand on his penis which was by then as hard as a rock. I stroked
him off for a while thinking about what I had read.
He touched my pussy and I think he was surprised to see that
I was so wet. I had been so horny for so long, it felt so good
to be touched. I rolled him in to the spoon position

and bumped my ass up to his groin

and wiggled enough for him to get the point and he slowly
stuck in his penis.
It felt so good! To me, there is sex and then

there is making your bones tingle sex.

It must had been the reading I had done to put in such a mood.

I felt my body move in such fluid ways as his penis slid in
and out of my warm soaking pussy.

He felt my energy and and rubbed my clit while he continued
to pump my hole. We were so in tune with each other. The pleasuring
he gave me was unbelievable! As the person I am, I wanted
him to feel as good as I did and I wanted to do something that
isn't done so often, something to remember!
I stopped him even though I could've came and came for
him. I layed him on his back and kissed the head of his penis.

Feeling his girth in my mouth turned me on and I rolled my
tongue over and over his penis and nibbled ever so softly.

Gliding my teeth over his hard penis just enough to make
him shake.I started to kiss his penis slowly down his shaft
and rolling my toung around it. I felt his balls on my nose
and I caressed them and kissed them slowly taking one ball
at a time in to my mouth and sucking on them. I made my way back
up to his the head of his penis and put my hand under his balls
holding his penis in a way that I could still grab on to it.
Taking all he had down my throught, I pumped his penis with
allot of pressure and sucked his dick. He moaned and moaned
and gave me total control.
While holding on to his dick under his balls, I tickled his
sack. It was nice and taught considering I had them held
half way up is shaft. I realized that by holding them in such
a way

there was allot more penis down there than I had ever spayed
any attention to.

The aera right above his ass hole under his balls, (there
is a word for this, I know) there started his penis! Under
his swollen sack that whole time I had never payed attention
to. Maybe it was because I had not ever held his cock and balls
that way.

I thought this was just great! More to play with!
While still holding him in control of his tools I slid his
cock inside my pussy and pumped myself like I was holding
a dildo with attached balls. I could feel my wetness each
time I inserted his dick with my hand. After switching positions
several times to allow my arm enough length to reach around
and hold on, we found a position to fuck until I came. I think
it must have been the pressure around his cock and balls
that kept him from cumming, so I sucked him off until he came
in my mouth.
We were pleased with this new finding and I am happy to say
that I am now dripping wet again after reliving the experience
we had together last night. Oh boy!! I hope he's ready
for tonight!
Have any of you held on to your tool under your balls and jerked
off this way? Is this a common thing that we/he didn't
know about? I would love to hear your input if you would like
to share it with mme

kisses xxxx,
The Tiny Temptress

TakesTeatsStood 51M
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4/26/2005 10:47 pm

I will read this soon - make sure you read my blog tiny - there is a post about you that I just made - lol. Nice to meet you.

GreatNight101 66M
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4/26/2005 11:00 pm

I'll try it and give you a report. Interesting idea.

WreakShivsTatar 47F

4/30/2005 9:40 pm

Stories are the best...I rarely get squirmie from pictures or even cams...but give me a good story...I luv ones written by women for women..there are a few good sites for those...Nan

illuminati_604 46M

5/1/2005 5:24 pm

Quote: "The aera right above his ass hole under his balls, (there
is a word for this, I know) there started his penis!" The correct word is perineum, or in slang terms taint.

scubasnack2005 59M/59F

5/3/2005 10:39 am

Taint? Man, I learn something every day.

And thanks for posting a great story. Hmmm. Wish my wife would write one as well. Let's see now...... (trots off to bedroom)

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