Opening piece - sexual etiquette  

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8/24/2006 8:58 am

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Opening piece - sexual etiquette

Well, here goes then. Never written a blog before, not even a diary so this is an experiment. In fact I'm not even sure I like blogs - readers may not like mine.

TVs are of course an oddity. Living in a fantasy world perhaps is a fair accusation. Perhaps anyone on AdultFriendFinder is also living in a fantasy world.

The rules of sexual etiquette are quite well established for normal male-female encounters. You know from the start the basics of what is expected - the man is expected to be assertive to some extent, the woman maybe a little less - and that sexual union consists of the kind of activities shown in school sex education classes.

The rules break down in encounters with TVs. After all, a TV (rather than TS) is really a man - dressed as a woman. Some men look at a TV as a man and expect her to be dom. They want to see male genitalia and get to grip with it. Others see the TV as female but rather more interesting/interested and willing with obvious signs when aroused. These men want a more sub TV.

It all comes down to who wants to do what to whom. Tricky thing to negotiate at first. You have to be blunt early on. Coyness does not work. I am a sub TV who wants to be treated as a girl. This is the complete opposite of my other life - the normal one in which I am not Tina. It is all about setting expectations.


brownboy1953 64M

8/24/2006 10:03 am

Hi Tina
It all comes down to what is odd and what is normal,just go through the ads on the site and you will see real people wanting to enjoy themselfs be it straight,gay,groups,tvs,ts ,does this make us all odd or are we the normal ones,is enjoying oneself and enjoying other people a crime,no this is the real us wanting to be with other humans,better than killing each other which seems the norm these days.handle

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