Life is Funny  

time4me2Bfree 47F
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6/15/2006 12:53 pm

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Life is Funny

So for any who are reading my blogs, an update...

My soon to be ex, took his trip.. He had to meet this amazing woman, this online woman who understood him, who was his kismet...his love connection... He had to hold her cause he had seen her pic and she was hot.....

Next day he calls to tell me that he was willing to admit when he was wrong...that it wasn't quite a love connection after all....

I told him I couldn't be sorry, but I was sorry for him. That the price of his mistake was our marriage and he had already paid it.

But a small wicked part of me says "HA!"

I know, I know, she couldn't have been anything if we weren't in trouble... but she couldn't have been anything if He had simply worked to fix the problems instead of seeking an escape from them.

Another part of him, the part that loves and admires him as a friend, knows that it has to suck to know you blew up your marriage and it wasn't Kizmet.... It was just a fantasy... a wish to be all things to someone else and to find a "perfect" partner....

And now, now it is too late. What was once beautiful and charmed and worth fighting for, is lost. And I can't go back, even if I wanted to, I won't set that example for our daughter, that if he is sorry, it doesn't matter what he did or how he treated you.... I have to show her how to stand up for what she deserves, even if... in the dark of the night...

I want only to crawl back into the arms that I thought would hold me forever.....

rm_goodboy665 51M

6/16/2006 11:28 pm

As I read your words I just have to shake my head in disbelief at yet another case of a married man leaving a wife and children for something that might be better. As a single man with no children, and who will turn forty in a few months it just makes me sick to my stomach to see someone throw away something I will probably never have. Marriage means forever I was told...not just until it gets a little boring or routine. I think the real challenge would be to turn the marriage you have into the one that you dream of...not to toss people who love you aside while you chase your dream right over a cliff!

time4me2Bfree 47F
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6/18/2006 9:17 am

LOL, I tend to agree with you.

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