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tight_n_tasty2 51F

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rm_max_is_back 44M

8/1/2006 9:08 pm

Have you done anything to kick his ass lately? Done anything to make him KNOW that you do all those things? Shit - unless something slaps most guys in the face - he will keep doing what he is doing. Take it from a guy.

(Sorry guys - enough bullshit. Its long overdue to treat our women with respect. And then maybe - she'll agree to bring her friend over? Yeah - it DOES work)

tight_n_tasty2 51F

8/2/2006 7:41 am

max_is_back your so funny *s* kiss his ass? am I surpose to wake him up to Kiss his ass I DON"T think SO,ALL he does is pay bills and the entire family rest on my shoulders to maintain while he's either sleeping or handling his other woman which is the fucking TV REMOTE..lmao

And btw he pays me attentions , alright when he sees other men/ women hitting on me.(oh yeah)..that's when he descides to hold my hand..lmao

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