Mr&Mrs Blog (she has her way with him )~weg  

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7/31/2006 5:01 pm
Mr&Mrs Blog (she has her way with him )~weg

Want to be My Bitch ?

The night is dark and stormy~~ The wind howling outside, while inside the fire is burning in my body as I wait for my baby to get
home. I have set up perfumed candles around the room, giving a heady scent of vanilla.
A sheepskin rug on the floor and A bottle
of wine with two glasses. Strawberries,
whipped cream, and my toy box.
Tonight it's gonna be me in control.
I have decided to take matters into
my own hand. I'm getting tired of Mr Blog working and coming home dictating how
we will fuck. He thinks I have to sit here and let him decide which hole he
will put his cock in , and for how
long . *NOT fucking tonight Mr. Blog~ a Provocative smile on my face~ an Adangerous
look in my eyes on this Night. I might take this further then you're willing to
go but I don't recall you're asking
me before you rimmed my ass, or when
we had that 3some with the lady from the video store that I told you I had
a thing for, (even though I did enjoy both immensely)*mmm* You always love to put me in different sex scenarios to see how I'll respond , and tonight I have something in mind for you ...

*To make you My Bitch*... Just as I've been yours for years, and * fair is fair*
I know you'll be home soon and I sit
in our bedroom awaiting your arrival
with all the lights out in the house , which are usually at this time ..the
only light is from the candles flickering in our bedroom downstairs. I hear MrBlog coming in the frontdoor and calling out to me *Baby where are you ? I'm home...I remain silent while hearing you walking up the stairs, you open the bedroom door finding me *saying
there you are , and wow ... what are you wearing ?

Dressed in all leather , crutch less panties ,
a black nipple less bra with holes cut out revealing my full breasts , my nipples exposed you see them encased in nipplerings ,thigh high Boots with my toes out, shining with hot red nail polish on,my Curly hair framing my face and*my fingers fondling along my wet folds~

*Well lover tonight I thought we would try something new Mr Blog....I hug you, and talking seductively I remove your clothes and lead you on the bed where I have some clothes laid out for you.,,

MrBlog begins laughing and saying surely you have these things out for our round two, winking at me *laughing*as he picks up a sky blue thong off the bed swinging it around his finger laughing.

Mr blog I reply , you're going to put on all this sexy lingerie or I'm gonna have to get rough with you pointing to the toys I have on the sheepskin rug *MrBlog smiles at me like he's daring me to push him to his limits~~Our eyes remain locked and you tell me " ok baby I'll play your little game sweetheart".

I walk over seductively and the pick up my leather strap *mmm* I moan as I take the leather strap out sliding it over your shoulders and down your back before smacking it over your asscheeks,while you're putting on the thong *my eyes watching as it sink into your asscheeks * your cock pressing out showing all your inches as you try to fit it

Don't fucking fit that I demand smacking your ass again ~I want to see your cock so leave the thong to the side~

I watch you slipping on the silk thigh high stockings as I trail the leather straps over my nipples making then harden~~Damn Mr Blog your strong legs look Great in stockings*giggling*

MrBlog so full of personality... he makes jokes even now , telling me he will do all this , but he's not wearing any heels . I tell him that the fact that you're so brave excites me, while I trail the straps of leather down my stomach and sliding it through my parted thighs. My pussy juices glistening on the leather~
I move one hand over your body as I hold the leather strap in the next *mmm*

~Are you fucking dressed now My bitch ? I ask as I slap my breast to your lips..telling you If you want to address me you first ask to speak , then call me *Mistress Blog or you'll feel my leather straps smacking your bare skin harder! You look at me saying yes *Mistress Blog*and I pull your hair as I dart my tongue across your lips running my straps of learther now over your chest. You kiss me twisting your tongue around my and moaning into our kiss Deepening it*... Then you feel the *SMACK *SMACKing your asscheeks and I push you to the floor asking you who gave you the Right to Kiss me ?.You didn't ask , so stay on all fours until I give you the right to get up again.

*I'm sorry Mistress I couldn't help but kiss you and my cock is so hard right now for you and I enjoy the feeling of the slik thong rubbing over my hardness... Well that's good Bitch , and how do you
like the silk stockings? He tells me he's not feeling much pleasure from having them on but he'll do anything for me because it's his pleasure to please me

~~I bend over spraying the whipped cream along the crack of my ass and stick a Strawberry in telling you to lick it all off and eat the Strawberry ~you begin licking my asscheeks biting and nibbling turning me on~~your tongue pushing into my ass and licking me so ~~Sweetly your tonguing my ass and swirling the tip of your tongue around my tingling ridges as I pour wine down the crack of my ass while your licking it up greedily~
“Pet you certainly know how to arouse me”I whisper looking down at him undressing him with my eyes~~then violently I grab his hair bringing his mouth to my pussy and mashing it agaisnt his mouth*OK bitch I want you to make my pussy nice and wet ,like you've done my asshole..tugging at his hair letting it slide through my fingers,his tongue quickly darting out licking along my pussylips then parting them and trailing it up around my clit as his fingers feather over my mount...Wait a fucking moment I say I need to Cuff your hands behind your back . I want you to only use your mouth to pleasure me,*mmmm*so I pull you closer to my toys and handcuff your hands behind your back and say ok bitch get back to it now.. tugging on my navel ring and moving lower,you go back to sucking my pussy as my juices pour out of hips rolling slowly as your eating me and I tell you to put on the cookring on your dick so I can watch it dangle encased in leather as your eating lick my belly rolling your tongue inside my navel pulling the ring with your teeth then go back to ravishing my inner walls with your tongue..*mmmmm*your tongue back on my clit stroking it as your mouth then fixes over my pussylips and I feel you sucking and licking.. I feel your tongue enter my hole flicking inside rolling around my walls as they contract.

*I moan and buck into your mouth saying ohhhh yeahhhhhh Just like that as my pussy spasms around your tongue..your tongue poking in and out as I shudder against your inner thighs gripping your face *mmmmmm*My hips lock up as I rise off my toes to meet your tongue that gently glaze
over my clit again and again..I can feel my orgasm building and I push your head away saying * Not yet Bitch * I'm not ready to come..feeling so excited now I know you think I'll want to suck your cock but
instude I tell you to suck my toes while I play with my pussy ***mmmmmmmmmm

my fingers begin sliding in and out my pussy as I watch you worship my toes sucking them and licking along the length of my beautiful finger pushing deeper as you suck my big toe into your finger probing my inner walls over and over again *mmm*I couldn't believe the sensations that rush throughout my body at this very moment but after sucking on all my toes I told you to kneel and I put nipples clamps on your nipples that were harder then eyes drinking in the sight of your muscles on your chest and your blue thong that's pulled over to the side letting out your hard throbbing cock encased in a cockring...*licking my lips as I watch you with your lips moist from sucking my toes and pussy....I stop fingering my pussy and rip off your thong and gag you with it... you moan behind the gag and your eyes filled with excitement

~~your eyes speaking to me wordlessly ~ I rake my nails over your skin as I walk behind you telling you to get back on all 4's again~I pull on the rings of my nipple clamps making my nipples nice and hard to run them down your back and over your asscheek..I kiss and lick down your spine and feather my nails roughly down your back scratching you...I bite the back of your neck and rub my hot pussy over your ass while you're moaning against the gag as I straddle you from behind. Your body moving beneath me with my rhythm....I tell you that I'm going to fuck your ass after I eat it, and you begin moving away....I hold you tightly saying, *Are you my bitch tonight or not*?....Before you can answer, I rub my breasts down your back (my hard nipples poking trailing over your skin and I begin sliding my tongue along the crack of your ass, and wiggle the tip of my tongue around your puckered asshole... You begin moaning again , pushing backwards *I thought so bitch! I whispered, Smacking your ass over and over feeling your ass tighten around my tongue as I slap your bare asscheeks. After getting your asshole wet I pick up my vibe and roll it around your assring and use my tongue to follow along ...*Well Bitch ,I think it's time I put on my Double Headed Dildo and fuck you now....I first place the vibe in my pussy moaning over your ass while it slides inside my pussy and then the second head I massage over your ass, then I slide it inside your ass nice and slow.......Your ass muscles wrapping around it while you begin bucking more..your moans becoming louder....

I hold onto your waist and hump over your ass feeling the vibe caressing within my pink inner pussy trembling as the vide rubs my walls and your ass pushing thrust for thrust back into me....I rake my nails down the back of your thighs and begin rocking my hips faster and harder.I enjoy watching the vibe go in and out your ass and feeling the reaction of strokes back into my hungry cunt. I slide my hand along your back, over your shoulder, and ungag you, asking how it feels.You tell me that I know you don't enjoy getting fucked in your ass but tonight your enjoying it and I quickly respond... But I'm a woman, it's not like you're gay. Then I take deeper strokes, filling your ass as much as I can trying to hit into your prostate muscle, while I trail my finger around your nipple, and knead it within my thumb and forefinger...My bitch , I whisper... I'm not trying to take away your manhood, I just simply want to fuck all of you... ** I nibble over your back and hotly breathe over your skin and you're swirling your ips with my thrusts...OOOOO I'm gonna cum all over YOUR ass for a change, the doubleheaded vibe is now rubbing over my Gspot, and my pussy contracting with Orgasmic strokes....your bucking like a horse now and we're both cummiiingggggggggggg together *yessssssssss baby omg *OOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

yessssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

~~ my hand reaching below to fondle your balls, feeling your cum wash over it*mmmmmmmm*Mr Blog crying out *OOOHHHHHHHH Mistresss yesssssssssssssssss!! my own cum leaking out my pussy and trickling down your ass and the back of your thighs...*Oh gawd Mistress! I loved that Mr Blog whispers but knowing him as well as I do, I know he wants to fuck me harder and roughly now to pay me back for taking his cherry. I push him, and begin licking my cum off the back of his thighs and him asking me to please take the cuffs off....*I bite his thighs saying No Bitch, turn around... I want to lick every drop of your cum now off your cock..he smiles saying , Mistress I'll be your bitch anytime laying back with his cock, soft and covered with his spent seed..*mmmmm* I wrap my fingers around his cock and lick around his juicy slit, then I trail his pulsating veins with the tip of my tongue... flickering all over cleaning up all his salty cream...*Oh Mistress! *Let me fuck you now he crys out , I curl my tongue around his shaft moaning and humming as my lips slide up and down your length .....your toes sticking up as I bury your now swollen cock down my throat, and my head bobbing up and down as I squeeze your nipples.

Mr Blog is panting and his legs weak at the sides of his shuddering body....his eyes rolling while he licks at his own lips...

I circle the base of your cock with my tongue licking, slurping, then all of sudden I move my mouth to the tip of your cock, engulfing it entirely in my mouth, my throat relaxed as it pushes against it. I close my lips and suck in
my cheeks and begin to suck you my mouth moving up and down your shaft ...My tongue rolling around it as I suck harder tighter, my hand slips to your balls and I roll them in my palm as I suck hard, I hear you moaning your hand moves down and grabs my hair and as your about to cum

~I can feel your cock spreading my lips around your shaft, and I know you'll cum for me again .You're so kinky! Lover I whisper, as I feel his big toes circling around my wet pussylips. *I feel his cock hitting the back of my throat, and my jaws locking around his shaft just before he shoots his second load.*mmmMmmMMMmm***yuuuummmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy****Cum spraying all over ...I release your cock out
of my mouth with a popping sound and beat my lips with your cock as you keep shooting cum into my face some dripping down, landing on my nipples.

I then place my lips on your belly spitting out your cum letting it drip down then I lick up back up looking lustfully into your eyes as I uncuff you, and your arms go around my waist, pulling me up ...
we kiss passionately sucking each others moans into each others mouthes~~mmmm~~I blindfold you as we're kissing and whisper to use to use your senses to fuck me now. I place your hands over my breast and as your cupping them you can feel my nipples poking out of your fingers. I slide a butt plug in your ass telling you I want you to remember how it felt when I was fucking your ass . I pull you down over my body... I can feel your cock hard and strong against my belly. I take your cock in my hand and feel your balls as I kiss you. I brush the head of your cock over my pussylips before you begin drilling my tight pussy open....*your cock growing harder now, feeling the buttplug filling your ass is really turning you on

You moan as your hands feel along my body your fingers touch lightly over my breasts, then stop, my nipples are hardening as you fondle them encased in nipple rings ,the tip of my nipples hanging out of the enclosure of hard steel, you can feel the nipple ring hanging off the end of each nipple... my nipples , long and hard throbbing for you *Oh Gawd yes suck them I whisper~

You pull on the rings then continue feeling down my naked belly tugging on my navel ring and moving lower, after feeding off my breast I then feel your lips on my belly and your arms go around my waist pulling me toward you, you lick my belly rolling your tongue inside my navel pulling the ring with your teeth as I moan ~

Your hand runs up my inner thighs feeling the soft silkiness of my skin moaning I'm gonna fuck the shit out of me now you whisper back

You run your hand across my mound, your finger dips in between my cunt lips and push inside you feel the wetness, and you pull out a finger and lick it... I hear you slurp, and you moan as you taste my sweet nectar off of your fingers.My body responding , your hand reaches behind me and you slide your finger in my ass~Omggg

~~I am moaning my head moving from side to side~~You whisper to me that a passion like our noone is ever anothers ones *Bitch*

My body arches I hear the sound of the candles hiss and your voice speaking nasty things to me to arouse me more*Yesss lover make me want you~~mmmm~~~my skin on fire as my passion burns within.My cunt and clit rings shining with my juices sparkling on them and wetting the head of your cock~~your cock now standing tall and proud and throbbing ,teasingly runing in and out my pussy

Your look growing with increasing hunger your body impatient you lunge your cock at my wet pussy driving it in with one long thrust causing extreme pleasure. You fumble in the toy box and grab a small vibrator wetting it against my pussy you take it to my ass hole and slide it in then guide your cock deeper into to my cunt opening, wet and waiting for you I moan as I feel you push Deeper&Deeper,your cock slides into my body and your licking, sucking eating paying special attention to each of my nipples circling them sucking them hard into my mouth feeling the tiny hard nubs against my teeth and tongue.

You reach down and turn the vibrator on that is in my ass and as I am double penetrated now You fuck me hard. Your cock ramming in and out of my cunt, my muscles sucking your cock in as far as it can go, our bodies move as one my meeting each thrust my body rocking on my back as you have my legs held over my head. Your cock thrusting fucking stretching me as you push harder and harder feeling the vibrator vibrate against your cock
making me so horny’

Your hands grab my tits and you arch back and scream out my name as you fuck so hard we both climax together our bodies stiffen... our cum joins as we reach orgasm together again
yessssssssss baby omg yessssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Our sweaty bodies grinding against each other, kissing, tasting, moaning.Your hands running over my body... Mine over yours, then you bend down and I take the blindfold off your eyes so I can see them as you"re tasting me.Placing your mouth over my pussy ready to drink my juices as they squirt free from my erupting bodyI hear you slurp on my juices as my cunt muscles contracting pushing them out and I scream,OOhhhhh

fuuuuckkkkkk Omgggggggggg yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

You stay eating me until my body calms back to normal, my breathing heavy my heart beating then slide back up darting your tongue over my shivering lips Your kiss and lick up my body until you reach my lips and hungrily kiss them,

You kiss me provocatively, tasting your cum on my lips and tongue and moaning~~mmmmm~~You collapse on me your breathing fast as is mine our hearts racing together~~You reach down and remove the buttplug out of your ass, and we *laugh together*...

Falling asleep, wrapped in each others arms *our fingers trailing over each others bodies in our sleep and MrBlog softly whispering in my ear *Mistress I'll be your Bitch Anyday~~I moan cuddling into your body smiling in my sleep~~

rm_chunko1000 56M
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8/1/2006 6:06 am

Wow! That got me exited! I felt like Mr. Blog! Would love to see you dressed that way.

OrgasmicDelights 49M

8/2/2006 6:49 pm

hokey smokes!!!!!!!!!!!... may i be mr golb for yoy?... incredible story, mmmmmmmmmmm

sexnut692 62M
23 posts
8/8/2006 2:02 pm

That is very hot an sexy , just reading it got me hot an very exited!!!!!

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