Just Hanging Out - Thinking About SEX!!!  

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7/24/2005 6:42 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just Hanging Out - Thinking About SEX!!!

Good morning everyone,

Just thought that I would stop by and see what everyone was doing today.

Today it is raining and I am sitting her ein my boxers thinking about all the sexy stuff that must be going on in the world today. Has anyof you ever thought about how much sex that must be going on at any certain time in the day.

I think about sex a lot and I must say that I cannot get enough of it. I love all psitions and I love all types of women. I would like to know what positions intrigue you and what kind of women (or men) that you like as well.

Another question just came to mind as well....does size really matter? I hear a lot of women says it doesn't but honestly. I have talked to some women that loves a man that is hung like a mandingo warrior and some says well "it" doesn't matter. I want the truth!!! LOL

I love the feel of a nice soft women, long hair and soft lips. A nicely trimmed beaver and ass for days. Nice set of tits and and appitite for sex. We are all adults here so I would like to hear from EVERYONE. What's your pleasure/fanasy.

Prof. Tigger....OUT

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