What all men want, I want it all and more...  

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6/1/2005 4:32 am

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What all men want, I want it all and more...

Flashy, high profile, exciting, fast-paced. That’s the kind of lifestyle I strive for. My ideal job would typically involve me making decisions on the go, jet-setting from one major city to another, or meeting important and popular people—something like a big-time magazine journalist/editor would be great. I don’t need to be filthy rich—just making enough money to finance comfortable urban living in a condominium apartment (it doesn’t even have to be the penthouse), a nice car like an Alfa Romeo GT or a Mercedes SLK, fine dining at restaurants and buying nice clothes or toys to pamper myself once in a while (like a Bang and Olufsen system or an 02 XDA II phone). And yes, earn enough to spend on the women I fancy as well. Otherwise, I’m not asking to be a billionaire like Donald Trump (I hope I don’t look like him when I grow old too).

Singapore’s a nice place to hang around because it’s safe and has a stable economy. But if you’re talking great places to live in around the globe, I would prefer New York (especially Long Island or Manhattan) or Paris. The former because of the wonderful places to dine at, and the latter because of its charm: quaint little sidewalk cafes and bistros alongside modern buildings. There’s the appeal of fine arts and culture in both cities as well—something Singapore still lacks sorely despite attempts at reinventing city life.

If I had enough money, I would buy myself a villa in Spain, Turkey or Greece overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. On the weekends, I’d slow down my pace to take in the sights and smells of the countryside. I’d go for horse rides along the beach with a beautiful woman or try my hand at painting the little seaport and the surrounding town; I’d make love with my lover to the view of a setting sun across the sea from the bedroom balcony, or dine in the moonlight on a rooftop terrace.

Come Monday morning, I’ll be jetting off to my office across the Atlantic and trying to stay ahead of the rat race amidst the hustle and bustle of super-busy New York. I’ll be a tough bastard at work, meticulous, driven, pushing the limits to meet deadlines and increasing profits for my firm. Then at night, I’d loose the tie and hang out with friends and colleagues for dinner and beer, after which it’d be serious party time for me at the clubs. I’d probably bring different women home to my apartment with a view of the New York skyline. Doesn’t matter. No strings attached, no commitments. I’m free to do as I please.

Of course, the one thing I’d probably miss would be weekend rugby in Singapore. I love being in my team—we may not be a world-class rugby team, but hell, we know how to have fun both on and off the pitch. So if I could have things my way, yeah, when it’s rugby season, you’d probably find me back in Singapore having a run and giving my all.

So how close am I to achieving my ideal lifestyle? On a scale of one to ten, ten being full points on achievement, I’d say three. By Singaporean standards, I’m probably living a good comfortable life with my paycheck and the way I spend. By my standards, I’m a long way off: I’m not entirely thrilled with my job (all the shit I have to put up with and it’s not even an 8k salary!), I’m not doing much of what I really enjoy doing (except chasing skirts, getting laid, rugby and writing), and Singapore is still a god-damned boring place to be in. Thank God for the women though. At least we do have sophisticated and intelligent women around (ah lians need not apply), especially the Shenton Way bunch. Sexy, witty, bitchy, even snotty. But I like… *evil grin*

Still, I would gladly give up five years of my life to live the way I’d love to. My present lifestyle isn’t good enough—and I don’t care if some people think I should be grateful for having what I have when there are less fortunate people around. Fuck that. I don’t live my life according to other people’s standards. I set my own benchmarks, and if I choose to set higher standards and expectations, it’s because I really think I’m better, smarter and stronger than the other guys around. I think I’ve said this many times before: what other men want, I want it all and more. I’d risk everything I own and love to get what I want. I don’t think I’d get this far in my life if I had been a humbler person, so save your own mediocre standards for yourself. That’s the problem with Singaporean men: humility is a virtue; being stable and dependable is good. Sure, you’d probably do well in life, but you won’t be a big winner.
I've never concerned myself with the question of "was it worth it" because the moment you do, you're better off playing it save and hiding under the security of your own blankets. I suppose I'll eventually mellow out and settle for a simple life once my prime's over, but for now, I've yet to reach my peak in all aspects of my life. For now, the world's very much my oyster and I'd like to stick around in the playground a little while more.

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