A Summer treat  

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5/17/2005 6:06 am

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A Summer treat

Came back early from work today. I was supposed to go for rugby training tonight but I figured with the heavy rain in the afternoon, the field would be a saucer of muddy water and also because I was feeling a little lazy tonight.

Summer was already home from her shopping trip and she was sitting on the couch naked as I opened the door. A towel was carelessly thrown on the floor, and her long slender legs were spread wide open and resting on the low coffee table. She was holding her dildo in her hand and she was cooing and moaning as she stroked herself with the dildo. She had been playing with herself.

"Good evening, Princess", I said as I entered the house and closed the door behind me. "So who's the lucky guy in your perverted little fantasy now?" I asked and kissed her on her lips. She took one soft breath then cooed, "You."

I was flattered. Really. Summer had no lack of suitors and though she was living with me, I knew she was seeing other guys as well. And I was amused to learn that she was thinking about me as she was playing with herself... that is, if she was telling the truth.

I backed off from the couch and turned towards the bedroom but she grabbed my tie and pulled me down onto her. She kissed my lips and gingerly sucked on my lower lip. I felt myself going hard taking in the scent of her.

"Fuck me now" she whispered in my ear. "I want you...NOW" and she started taking off my tie and undoing my shirt. She held my tie in her hands and raised both arms above her head.
"Tie me up."

I took the tie and bound her hands in front of her and she leaned forwards to kiss me again. Then she whispered "Eat me."

She spread her legs wide as I knelt down and took in mouthfuls of her sweet pussy. She was really wet and I loved the taste of her. She moaned as I licked and sucked at her,her body moving from side to side slowly, savouring the moment.

By now, she's got me where she wanted me, and I took off my pants and boxers. I stood in front of her and she opened her mouth for my dick and started her magic while she rubbed herself with the silk tie that bound her hands.

A while later, I entered her and she cried out louder. She wanted it hard and fast and she was really grinding herself against me. I came quickly and she fell back onto the couch smiling. I knew it wasn't good enough for her and I guessed my frustration showed.
"Don't worry sweetie, the night's still young" she said in between shallow breaths, her voice husky.

We had a simple dinner of microwaved lasagne and mash.
"So how's the project coming along?" she asked.
"Bad. We're behind schedule and the idiots at work keep handing in lousy reports" I answered.
"Well maybe if you were nicer to them, they'd get the job done a lot better", she got up came over to my side of the table and wrapped her arms around me.

"Or..." she continued as she kissed my earlobe "maybe if they were all females they'd work better if you fucked them like the way you do me."

I looked up at her and she smiled. She had that twinkle in her eyes again.

Summer wasn't your typical bimbotic sex-crazed flight stewardess. On the contrary, here was a woman with an IQ of 130, an ex-RGS/RJC student who went on to read English Literature and Philosophy at NUS and graduated with a second-upper honours in the former.

As she got back to her seat and redid her hair in a bun, I was suddenly reminded of how pretty she actually was. Since she got back, I had been too busy indulging in her body to admire her prettiness, and now as I watched her, I felt more aroused than when I first saw her naked as I entered the apartment. She was of French-Chinese parentage and had lovely eyes that smiled and flickered with intelligence; she had an infectious cheerfulness that brightened up my evenings especially after a lousy day at work. Her father must have been prophetic to name her "Summer". I was actually afraid that I was getting to used to having her around. That episode with Jenna was something I don't wanna go through again.

"So have you called Jenna?" she asked innocently.
Jenna was my ex-fiance, and we broke up three years ago after she found out I was cheating on her with her best friend. She stopped by last night to pick up some of the remaining stuff she'd left over at my place since she stormed out of the apartment that fateful night.I said nothing in response to Summer.

She took it that I didn't want to talk about it, so she got up and started clearing the table. I grabbed her hand and sat her on my lap. She felt so soft and nice in my arms. And sweet smelling too.

"Don't think too much about it then." She finally said and leaned closer to me.
I haven't been thinking about Jenna since that breakup three years ago. To me, that was long over and no point talking or pondering about. We were through, I've gotten over Jenna nevermind if Jenna hasn't really gotten over me. We both have our own seperate lives to lead.

For now, Jenna was the least of my thoughts. Summer would still be around until the weekend before she leaves for her flight again, and all I could think about for now is how much I wanna make love to her later in the night.

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