oh i so would...  

thr3sum 34M/F
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4/23/2006 12:02 am
oh i so would...

it is funny for a few days now i've been dying to get in here and blog... i swear that i had some good ideas. then i couldn't remember my password and have lost every idea...
except for this new one....

an old classmate and i were speaking and it's been almost 10 years, any how he says ,"so if u had me locked in ur bedroom for 24 hours what would u have me do?"
honestly my first responce was dust. I hate it and it needs to be done. then i just told him he was a dirty bird.
You see this AdultFriendFinder is my aler ego, as much as i'm different at work. you know. so being who i am and conservative i explain to u that yes i am married and we have wonderful sex.... not the point the point is that we aren't aquainted here at AdultFriendFinder (on another site) so i have to tone it all down. (this is funny because i'm not even that out there here)
and then i think
"this friend is overseas and usually at war should i just indulge him (and myself) or keep it superficial here in the chat room?"
ov course i go with superficial and amend my statement(s).
Then i am left to wonder, would he think less of me if he'd seen my porno?

i guess who cares....
but i like people as much as i hate them and if that was something i could do to lighten the load.......
oh i so would.
-take it sleazy-

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