Nice Guys Do Win!  

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11/30/2005 12:43 am

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Nice Guys Do Win!

So, if you have read any of my past posts then you know that this is an ongoing debate. The question that my fellow BLOGGER, ValleyRat14, first posted.

I do and have believed that "Nice Guys Finish First" if the race is long enough.

Well, I have been on this site since Aug. of '04 and I have seen my share of 'last place finishes'-type of encounters.

Well, fellow nice guys, I have made it to the mount to shout at the top of my keyboard that this nice guy went the distance and is truly being rewarded.

ValleyRat, I'm a little slow but right behind you on this one.

As always, I'll leave names out since this gal is still listing on AdultFriendFinder. I, however, have 'turned off' my account. I know, I are probably thinking just how the world of Swingers and Sex Finders will do without my presence...well so far I have yet to see anything posted but I'm pretty sure the earth is still spinning.

Now, I have noticed the freakish weather that has ravaged teh midwest recently BUT I'm not going to draw any direct conclusions just yet.

I have just about to give up on finding the type of sex that I have read about (ValleyRat's BLOG not excluded), seen in porn or hell just seen in National Graphic issues.

Well, in the most unlikely place, a lady one here on a a joke...just for grins...not even serious to meet anyone, BUT voila! she is the one that turned this boy into a man.

On a couch.

Yeah, I know, with my maid and a student....I have had my share of experiences but nothing like this. All others were just fucking them. With her it is still fucking but this time, not only am I fucking her...she is fucking me.

------wait a doggone minute TW2H -----

Now, I don't mean that literally. She is not doning on a strap-on and boning me.


Rather, she is enjoying me, moving with me, returning favors, hell creating favors without a receipt for return. Like fucking without a gift receipt!

Can't imagine getting better.

So, with that in mind, I believe that I have fulfilled my quest and may now leave this site on my terms.

My membership continues until the 21st of December. I will continue to monitor BLOGS but don't plan on re-opening the store for business.

I have found my fling for this season, whatever that may be...

As I stretch my chest out to break the tape, I bask in the glory of being a nice guy winning this race.

thinkingway2hard 52M

12/8/2005 5:07 am


Nice girls tie!

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