Hi babe  

thingsarelukinup 33F
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5/19/2006 9:22 am
Hi babe

just read the blog u put wr u get al those words from

i told u im gona grow bigger or wear bigger heels. thanks so much for yesterday i felt better u kno how to make me laugh.
dont no how u rite so much its really hard 4 me
im feelin gud now n lukin 4ward to seein u in the mornin 4 more coffee
dont think anybody reads this anyway so i can say what i want, dont care if they do really i like it coz i can say things i cant wen ur here.
ur rite by the way i do it lke im textin esier 4 me
bout emosions. ive got them an even wen i feel gud i dont chanj my mind bout u so ull ave to live wiv that darling sorry
its like my life was plain wite b4 u n u came n painted my heart wiv a beautiful color n i like myself more does tha make sense
enuf from me iv run out of wurds

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