[b]Had It All Along[/b]  

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4/18/2005 8:36 am

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[b]Had It All Along[/b]

I've recently been on a search for the woman that can squirt during orgasms. Making a woman cum during sex is a normal occurence, but I just haven't met THE ONE! I have run across women that dribbles a thick discharge or get extremely soaking wet inside their vagina during orgasms.

I love eating and licking so I guess I'm looking for the woman to squirt on my face.

Well, last week it happened. With someone I have been with for years. We were having sex in the missionary position, but her feet were propped on my shoulders which gave me great access to her clit while I was penetrating her. I was in a very kinky mood that night so I prolonged my orgasm and started stimulating her clit with my thumb while penetrating. I know this drives her wild and she orgasms many times. After four or five of her orgasms came the WATERFALL. At first, I actually thought she urinated because the wetness was not what I was used to feeling which is the normal lubrication of a woman. This wetness was more watery in texture. Then it dawned on me what had happened. My partner was also confused as to what had just happened because she had never orgasmed that way before. When I told her what it was she was shocked.

Needless to say I felt like Superman and can't wait for it to happen again. My only regret is that I wasn't eating her out while it happened. Maybe next time.

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