anxiety or sex?! Anxiety of course  

thickbigblk 57
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8/13/2006 6:48 pm
anxiety or sex?! Anxiety of course

At this time and age, with all of this wars raging on, how life in a very short time, went from livable to unbearable, the minute you start talking about death, or your mood turns pessimistic about things you use to be optimistic about, a very short time ago, then you just entered anxiety, and that's no good, your appetite shrinks, your sex appetite becomes a thing of the past, and it keeps dragging you down, deeper, and deeper, to the darkness, until you find yourself alone, in a dark tunnel, with no light. Fuck it, literally, I mean fuck your girlfriend, your boyfriend, fuck something, fuck anything, just fuck, even you don't feel like doing it, DO IT, fuck, fuck, fuck, nothing tops fucking a bitch as some sort of punishment, your feeling when you cum is different, you feel like a soldier in that battle, dodging bullets, what's better than jumping in a dungeon at the same exact time, a missile hisses by, over your head, that's how it feel when you fuck, with bad intentions, so fuck the bitch, HARD, and fuck Anxiety...!

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