Reasons why your mate fuck others  

thickbigblk 58
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6/15/2006 4:50 pm
Reasons why your mate fuck others

Once again, we're back discussing your painful, sorrowful and unspeakable desires, on why your woman is fucking someone else.
1- You suck in bed. Women unlike men, every inch of their body is sensitive, don't listen to the hot points of the woman's body, behind the ear, around the nipple crap, every inch of her body, is yours to conquer, if, if you knew how to handle it, You won't use a drill to bring out the passion out of a woman's pussy, would you? No, you use clean, tender fingers, you use your fingers for almost everything, except when it come to women, you just want to fuck, you want to get to the end of the tunnel, if you know what I mean, fast, and sure enough it's the exact thing she's looking for a black hunk like me to fuck her, because she know that I respect her body, all of her body.

2-your hygiene is unbearable. Do you know that women can take almost every bad odor your body can release, SPECIALLY DURING SEX, except, your mouth odor, so guys brush regularly.
3- Being Promiscuous.

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