Fuck women...literally!  

thickbigblk 57
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8/21/2006 3:33 pm
Fuck women...literally!

Women are schistophrenic creatures, it's true, but that does not make them crazy, we all are schistophrenic, so to speak, but in women cases, it's huge, it's sit in kind of shit, why? Instead of this bitch using dildo, she can just get off her high horses, and continue to have the best fucking of her natural life, but, Noooooooo, she want this and that in a man, how about your "man" bitch? she's willing to fuck a plastic, or glass dildo, and in some cases, her own fingers, rather than the real thing, others, prefer to fuck another bitch, hey, hey, hey, wait a minute, how can a bitch fuck another? Something is missing, yeah, the DICK, it's crazy, women, let put it to you straight, having a man, tough, rough, strong, animal, with a hard dick, to fuck the shit out of you, beats a hand held shit, trust me, I see the look on the bitch when I fuck her, I can take her to the seventh heaven in an instant, it's the real thing, ADVISE.

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