Oral Sex Encounter - II  

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7/8/2006 8:20 am

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Oral Sex Encounter - II

Bhavana, who I met thru'the AdultFriendFinder network, and me use to make it once a week or a fortnight and soon the novelty began to wear out. Bhavana suggested I meet her friend Meenakshi a Tamilian spinster a few years younger than her. Meenakshi was working with an NGO in Ooty, a hill resort with the tribal people as an teacher. She had a tough life here and was lonely and missed out on sex. As a matter of fact she had been without it for the last 2 years. Sheer lack of opportunity, explained Bhavana.

Bhavana called me one monday morning and asked me to come to her favorite resturant where we ocasionally went for lunch. I met Meenakshi there. Meenakshi was really dark with a hairless body and the daughter of a marwari man and an anglo-indian mother. Her mother had negro blood. Living in the hills she had a tight body without an inch of loose flesh like most Indian women do. She had hard small pert breasts, jet black hair and a sort of slavic flat large face. We chatted and I got to know Meenakshi and felt powerful but subdued sexuality oozing from Meenakshi. We agreed to meet shortly and fixed a day to meet.

I picked her up just ahead of a bus stop near Mayo Hall, where she was waiting for me. We drove to The Club, a resort outside the city and hired a room. We unlocked our room and walked in. Moments like these were made to order for Meenakshi, she
liked nothing better than a sexual challenge from a hungry male. As we entered my body brushed against her body as I shifted my body to lock the door. I looked at her and suddenly felt her hands on my face, her fingers touching me magically,
lightly all over my body through the clothes. She griped my hand and walked me to the bed and stroking my face, her fingers turned into feathers. Meenakshi sighed and whispered "it has been so long". As I held her and caressed her she turned to gooseflesh and her body began to tingle everywhere. Quickly we undressed. She laid flat on her back on the bed rather across the bed.

Meenakshi's pussy throbbed with desire. I sat on the bed next to her with my hands on her thighs. Involuntarily, Meenakashi opened her legs a little wider, feeling the caressing heat of my hands on her naked pussy, on the still little hole that was her clitoris. It was a wonderful pussy almost like her lips. Perhaps one of the most beautiful cunt and would any prize for its shape, texture and contours. My hands still fluttering over her skin like an army of butterflies. I had carried some chantilly wine and poured a scant shower of wine on her thighs and belly. She flinched from the sudden sprinkling, but she was caught by the torpor that engulfed her. Meenakshi was in a world of her own so relaxed, sensually lazy, so filled with delightful sensations that she couldn't muster the energy to open her eyes. After some time we were sipping wine and throwing on each other's bodies. We wet each other and licked with passion rising high.

I crawled between her legs and lay on my belly,
my face inches away from her enticing coral pussy slit, where the blushing little button of delight peeked out from between the dewy lips. Meenakshi was dark and hairless but what an edible little cunt she had. Pink inside and dusky pale outside. This is going to be pure heaven, licking that tasty pink furrow. I moved nearer and without spreading her lips apart, suddenly I thrust my tongue out and flicked her clitoris. Meenakshi started as though she had been touched by a hot searing iron. Her breath came from her nostrils and mouth her eyes flying open instantly.
I was in a joyful mood and wagged my tongue obscenely at her. Then, without a word, I reached up under her bare ass cheeks and elevated her with my hands, spreading her pussy lips with my thumbs, exposing her ripe cunt meat to my lustful gaze. My rock-hard cock throbbed; I really want to eat her little pussy. I can't wait any longer, Oh Meenakshi I implored!

I sent my tongue into her pulsating furrow and drawing the delicious flesh into my mouth as though it were a succulent little breast. I licked and lapped and sucked her, running my tongue up and down and around her juicy cunt, unable to get enough of the sweetly pungent sex flesh. Genital smell are created from the food one has eaten in past 48 hours. Pungent non vegetarian with foods as onion, garlic etc. evokes unwellcome and putrid smeels. Vegetarian foods generate the most exciting and pleasant sexual odours. More of this in another installment.

I rolled around on my cock and almost come from the sheer excitement of eating Meenakshi's tender box. As I serviced her, Meenakshi groaned and flailed on her back, her wet hair slapping the blanket beneath her. Meenakshi was mumbling which I could not decipher; later she would tell that she thought she would go mad from the insane licking; she felt she would go right out of her mind from the rapturous excitement in her heated loins and stomach. She had never been eaten like this before or even imagined how delicious it could be!

My lips, my tongue, my mouth, working her pussy flesh like that, sucking it so beautifully, so maddenly well. A feeble finger of conscience admonished her for allowing the more experienced to feast so wantonly on her nether parts, but she waved it away from her mind. No, she had to have it; she didn't want it to end ever! She couldn't stop me now; her body controlled her will. She felt the rumblings deep inside her body . . . rumblings which grew louder and more violent until she was shaking like a volcanic mountain. Coals of fire erupted from the core of her being and rained down on her flesh,and her nerves sizzled like cold water on a hot griddle. Her juices from her cunt turned to liquid fire and gushed onto my lips and tongue and flowed like lava, down to her anal crevice. Her body danced with jolts
from a thousand live wires. She screamed out her ecstasy as she came and came and came . . . I continued to lap at Meenakshi's pussy until she finally begged me to stop. She almost passed out from the sensations that emanated from between her legs. Never had she been so thoroughly and so satisfyingly tongue fucked.

We rested and Meenakshi woke from a short coital fatigue as did I .. I crawled from between her legs and inched up along side of her. My
eyes glowed with fevered anticipation and insatiable lust. I kneeled beside her head and leaned down to kiss her wantonly on the mouth,
pressing my tongue between her unresisting lips and deep inside her mouth. Meenakshi drew in her breath at the unexpected assault on her mouth,
tasting her own pussy juices mixed with the sweetish sourness of the wine.When I drew away from her, and she felt the absence of my lips; she wanted them on her mouth again . . . Suddenly I was back . . . and rubbing my mouth across her
lips . . . so soft . . . soft delicate mouth rubbing back and forth, back and forth, but differently.

"Meenakshi, kiss my cock, baby. Open your lips and give it a little kiss," I urged her. There was a tremor of excitement I leaned over her again and pressed my instrument against her lips, while I
placed my right hand on her bare, upthrust breast and began to massage the sensitive flesh expertly.

I rolled over and lay flat on my back, placing my
hands behind my head. She snuggled closer, put her head on my chest. Slowly she let her fingers slide down my chest, down my belly, down to my shaved crotch where my prick bobbed in welcome to her hand. She paused there. She lay down under me and began sucking my cock royally. As she sucked me I
wanted to possess her.

I discussed my adventure with Bhavana.... know
how much you love to be sucked, Bhavana. Remember how I sucked you off the first time we met...

The story does not end here ...how we finished is yet to come.. wait for the next installment...

Ladies and wives looking for an unforgettable experience you know where to go....contact me

rm_paapi36 81M
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7/15/2006 12:40 am

After going through your detailed account of two persons enjoying sex one would imagine to be in your position. In sexual act many things are important,fiest privacy,then convenient surroundings like bed,closet etc free mind to enjoy it as a sport,various positions of comfort to both partners,even cut or uncut preferences,& hundred more things. Ultimately both should derive maximum pleasre out of the event.Regarding licking/sucking once you get over there is no looking back. In fact more fruits taken as food yield highly tasty semen & equally palatable vaginal juice. you may have do more of foreplay for a lady to secret juices,unlike in men the very thought produces lubricating juices in the tip os penis moment it gets erected. I hope all such blogs would help young couple to enjoy life to utmost extent.

Romantic, sexy-love warm hugs, enjoy sex 24/7 one on one, goup fun, watching porn together with joy

sweetmissvixen 50F
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7/19/2006 10:52 pm

thexperimental, all I can say is that to have a man give a woman
that kind of pleasure, attention, touch.... would bring a delight,
a sweetness that would linger in her memory, her dreams and fantasies for a very long long time.

With wistful inspiration, Vixen

bangafun71 47M
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8/23/2006 3:18 am

Vixen I agree with you it's the memory of the coitus which lingers and gives you a lot of pleasure when you rember the intiamte moments you and your partner spent together.
BTW I work for food and only eat pussies. LOL

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