Our first post since his return  

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3/13/2005 1:40 pm

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Our first post since his return

Well lately we've been getting alot of messages from single guys and couples wanting to hook up. But more often than not the moment they find out that the hubby is home from his deployment they back off and poof like smoke in the wind.

Talk about annoying. It's sweet simple and to the point here. Hubby is home and I don't play unless he's there. And the same goes for him. He wont play unless I'm around either. We swing or at least try to but for whatever reason we can't seem to find a couple or just a chick that will come over and play with us. Most just want to play with me and want to do it where my husband isn't there and sometimes they even tell us that I'm not to tell the hubby.

Like DUH. I'm not going to hold that kind of information from him for several reasons. One he's usually sitting right next to me when I'm on the computer and two he'll find out one way or another considering we only have on vehicle going to be kind odd for me to go to the local food lion and be gone for six and a half hours. might raise an eyebrow or two if you get my meaning.

Then of course you've got the fact that many just refuse to even get back in conact with us when they find out that he is home and that we don't play without the other. Sorry if you aint got the pair to play with us both then you don't got the pair to play with us seperately either.

Lately we've also been coming up with several of the no shows. THe guys that do the checks in the mail and I'll call back mentality. It is kind of rude for someone to make plans with another person then just poof out for a week and no try and get in contact with the ones they made plans with. We did this with a few guys on here to meet up with and see how things would go. But instead they didn't call, email, msn,yahoo or anything else just did a no show without any means of contact to state that they wouldn't go. And in response it was on a Saturday and we had cleared the proverbial calander for the evening while they blow us off.

But there have been some guys that have actually showed up and were a blast to be around and be with. They actually did the talking thing and got to know us both before we got down and dirty. Didn't just come over for a quick screw (and if you ask the ones that have been over here. I'm no where NEAR a quick screw..hehehehe) then leave. The proverbial wham bam thank you ma'am attitude most definitely does NOT apply to either one of us. We like to talk to those that we are planning to meet up with for a while before the actual meeting and greeting to I guess you could say see if they actually will stick around to meet in person and come over while hoping to do something but wont force the issue at the first meeting. If something happens it happens if it doesn't then it doesn't. It's not about the one coming over here only but our comfort level as well. If either of us do not feel comfortable with the situation. Nothing is going to happen that time. It might take a few more meetings before anything does. Or it could be the first night. Just all depeneds the mood and how we're feelin' at the time.

Of course one major thing that drives us both crazy is when half of a couple messages us and they don't have complete disclosure to the other half of their couple. We refuse to get involved in that situation for it could get us into trouble should the other half find out and drag us into a royal mess. So we try and make sure that if a man, woman, or couple contacts us then their s/o knows everything that will occur or possibly occur with us and be ok with the situation. if the s/o is not cool with it. Then nothing will ever happen until the s/o is fine with the situation.

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3/14/2005 3:27 pm

You keep doing what your doing, you have a firm grasp on what Swinging is truely about.

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