No women will play with us  

thewildalliecat 40F
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3/18/2005 6:27 am

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3/27/2006 2:59 am

No women will play with us

Since before Charlie's birthday I've been trying to find a female that will play with us and give charlie the fmf threesome that he has wanted for the longest time. Whenever I message single women about it I never get a response either a thanks but no thanks or something. But no I don't get any response. We've spoken on the phone and through messengers with some couples but life just makes it a bit hard to make arrangements for the couple to come over or for us to meet them somewhere.

But what is funny is how so many couples want to single out the female of another couple to play with them but aren't wanting to do that with other couples where the female of the couple will play with another couple but they want it done with them. I know that makes no sense so let's put it like this. Couple A has a deal where they dont play alone and get in contact with couple B. But Couple B can't get free from life responsibilities to meet up with couple A. So couple A goes out and finds Couple C. Couple C has on their profile they are searching for women, couples, groups. So Couple A contacts couple C. But Couple C only wants to play with the female half of Couple A. But couple C will not play without both halves present and both halves active in the playing. While they expect Couple A to have no problem in leaving out the male half of that couple to play with couple C. Hope that makes more sense.

Then of course you have the single females here...They say they are looking for other males,females and couples to play with. But when they are contacted they don't even have auto-reply on and just ignore emails or whatever. Even if we don't like a profile we try and at least get in contact and say thanks but we're really not interested in most cases with those that message.

I recently read a post in a group here by a guy that is recently divorced and my jaw hit the ground. The man might as well been looking for a woman who could walk on water then turn the water to wine. She couldn't be married, stupid, tempermental, a bitch, low class/no class, an uncontrolled slut, a whore, closed minded,unattractive, mean, a drunk, a druggie, or disease ridden. I can understand the drunk, druggie, or disease ridden. But for the love of all that is pure. Passion and AdultFriendFinder are swingers sites you are going to have alot of couples on here looking to play with single males or other couples or other females. And who is to say that a person is stupid, unattractive, the amount of class they have if they are a slut or a whore, close minded, or even the intelligence level or lack there of of another person??

In my opinion. I'm ugly as sin. But my husband says I'm beautiful. At times I feel like I've got about as much intelligence as a brick bat but others have told me that I was one of the smartest people they know. I state I'm a bitch and I know it but alot of the people that know me say I'm the sweetest person in the world. I can be very stubborn about issues I believe in but others could say I'm closed minded on those beliefs and not willing to open to other aspects and point of views. I know I can be "high class" or "low class" or even in some moods "no class". But who has the right to judge me but me on any of those "class" type personas??Every time and place have their own needs for. There is a song that a male singer states he wants a lady on the streets but a freak in the bed. So what kind of class would that woman have I wonder??

It just annoys the daylights out of me with how some people can be for their choices of words and actions.

We're pretty openminded in our stuff. You can't be black, you can't be old enough to be his parents and you have to be old enough to by your own booze. Other than that it's open season. We just ask that those that contact treat us respectfully and understand we don't play without the other one present. It is simple as that.

But I really hope that we are able to find a single female to play with us or at least find a couple we can hook up with hang out with and if something happens it happens kind of thing.

I'm really wanting to give charlie that threesome he's been wanting but only time will tell.

We've done one threesome since he's been home and it was a blast~grins~I think I wore both Him and the other guy out though~snickers~But we had fun...hoping to find some more to play with again soon but we'll see....wanted to do the jax social thing here in town but don't have the thirty bucks to get in which really sucks right now but oh well....who knows maybe in a few weeks we'll see how things go.

thewildalliecat 40F
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3/18/2005 8:36 am


I've never given up beforehand and am not going to start now~LOL~Just ask my husband sometime

Random1962 56F

3/18/2005 9:02 am

Too bad you're not in the KC area. I'd love to play. Don't give up. Keep looking.

thewildalliecat 40F
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3/18/2005 7:24 pm

yeah and sooner or later we'll be moving up north as well so going to be interesting but we're not giving up just yet...I'm scot-irish and an army brat gone navy wife...and he's just him..~LOL~redneck USA is all I can say..

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