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4/24/2006 2:01 pm
Random ideas...

Hey, hey, hey

Back by pouplar demand (not really...). Not many things happen in the last 48 hours, but I had random thoughts...

- My daughter had her first soccer practice of the year. Had the chance to see many moms (none very interesting..) but I was thinking. We all know that some soccer moms were the ultimate MILF's. We all know that a MILF is a Mother I'd Like to Fuck (in case you didn't know or you weren't living on this planet for the last 10 year or...you don't look at internet porn..). Anyways, can there be the same thing for men. Can there be FILF's.

Now, many guys are treated like dirt (my ex sometimes call me filth...basta!), but can there be Father I'd Like to Fuck...who knows, I never heard of it!

I think I'm PHAT...(Pretty Hot And Tasty)...hahaha!

- Will I have to start a contest to get people on my blog...or show The Ref's privates...Let's get a ruler and mesure the ref's stick...I'd be call for 2 minutes for high-sticking.

OK, I'm outta here...I'm getting lame.

P.S. No news from the gay guys...good news.

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