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12/21/2005 8:38 pm

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It has been a while hasnt it?

Not too long ago, Daddy bought me a wonderful toy! A Hitachi Magic Wand. Ladies you need one of these and you need it now! Make sure you ask Santa for one.

The Magic Wand is a wonderful, plug in vibrator with basically two setting, high and higher! It can be too much especially if you have a sensitive clit, but if you put a folded washclothe over your button before you go at it, it isnt too rough... Anyways, I like the intensity of it so I dont use the washcloth.

The first time I used it, I tried my hardest to hold off on my orgasm, but it came so quickly it surprised me, what surprised me more though was the fact that I had squirted all over my bed when I came! I had never squirted when I have had an orgasm, so I had to giggle as I pulled my soaked sheets off the bed(taught me not to masturbate with the wand before bedtime.)

Daddy has used it as he fucks my ass and the orgasms I have leave me drooling and talking in tongues.

It is currently my favourite toy, besides my huge dildo, (10 by 6 inches) and they are wonderful to use together.

Oh and there are attachment you can get for the Magic Wand! Men your women need this toy. I mean they really, really need this toy!

Slowred 58M

12/26/2005 10:20 pm

Sounds awesome. I would love to see it used, and use it on you myself. Would really like to see/make you squirt.

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