Massage--For Your Pleasure and Fun!  

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Massage--For Your Pleasure and Fun!

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***Dear Sexxxy Lover, during my years in the Orient I studied a special type of massage called "Shiatsu". This is a mind-body-soul experience which can increase your positive attitude, health, and sexual powers. At the same time, I can touch your mind and soul while giving the various movements. Such intimate touch gives time for you to share your wants, needs, likes, frustrations, and desires. In sharing my massage with you you can learn the flow so you can learn about how we can enjoy each others pleasure. You can read my message daily, even several times a day, and pleasure your self calling me when you are ready to cum. "Oh Baby, says you, here it cummmmmmmmms..."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Please read the following and share your most wonderful experience with massage or how you would like to have an even more wonderful massage. The experience can be with or without the "sex". This is your complete choice so you can control how your body is enjoyed and shared. Enjoy...

***I would love to have "Dear Sensuous and Sexy Lover", stretch out on your bed with only your panties on and a full length towel covering your supple body. I will first have you lie on your stomach. Sitting at the head of you're bed I will have your forehead propped on a plump pillow with hands hands supporting your chin. This allowed us to talk quietly about many different subjects you may wish to discuss. Your voice purrs in my ears! It was so delightful to just listen to this lovely creature in a most attentive way. Just my listening begins to give you the flush of passion rising in your breasts and vagina which you have never before experienced. What joy!

***My hands began to gentle press on the crown of your head, moving back and forth,applying pressure to your skull and gradually helping you to release the pressure and tension of your high pressure work, family, and of life in general. I begin to press on the back of your skull while moving my figures up and down your neck to your lovely firm shoulders. The rhythmic movement of my figures began to relax the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and upper back.
Then I rose over your head and begin to apply harder pressure to your shoulders and back. Shifting to your left side I began to move my fingers up and down your back--right then left all the way to the base of your spine and the top of your buns.

***Next as I kept the pressure on your back through my figures I moved behind you and sat with my pelvis and hips on your lower buns and begin a rhythmic movement up and down your spine and a slow pelvis movement to your buttocks. Your back muscles began to go limp from the gentle pressure and motion. In the mean time I am using a special knuckle movement of my figures up and down your spine giving you a most relaxed sensation causing your breathing to become even more relaxed and deep. This movement increased the air in your lungs which begin a rush of endorphins into your brain (like a natural high) which continued throughout our time together.

***I begin massaging your buns, inside your thighs down the back of your thighs, calves, ankles, bottom of your feet, with all the tension and pressure exiting through your toes while using increased pressure to pivot your ankles, feet, and toes. This make you, my vixen, fully relaxed and your breathing even deeper and rhythmic. Now fully relaxed, I have you turn on to your back with your most luscious body turned up towards me.

***Again I start with the crown of your head and applied pressure from the center of your crown, though your forehead, and around your eyes, cheeks, chin, mouth, and jaw. This pressure is applied with my fourth fingers (least amount of pressure) in upward lifting motions to firm your face and neck muscles.

Next I sat on your right side and begin to massage your arms, hands (with a special opening technique), and figures. Once your arms, hands, and figures were fully relaxed I sat on your pelvis and begin to massage your chest, breast, nipples, and stomach. This slow rhythm has our breathing sycrancronized. The tension in your upper body and female organs begins to dissipated through your breast, nipples, and stomach (belly button). This lasts some time as we enjoyed our movements together. By this time I have a full erection with my penis and balls firmly pressed against your clit. Your vagina was slowly opening as you began to feel the first hot drops of your cum on your puffy, deep red, hot lips.

***I move my pelvis further down your legs where you could still feel my hard penis against your skin as I began to gently explore her stomach, vagina, and touch her clit. You gently began to moan as the rhythm moves you to a further high with your vagina now fully open. I began to kiss the insides of your thighs, ran my hot tongue over your clit and in - and - out, in - and - out, in - and - out of your vagina. By this time you are ready to fully cum and I suck your lips to enjoy every drop of your hot, sweet, silky cum juice and the smell of your sex.

***With your fully satisfied for just a few minutes, I completely massaged your thighs, calves, ankles, feet, and toes. By this time you are fully relaxed yet so aroused with that special "fire" in your stomach that you pulled me to you for full penetration. Before you pull me into your lovely, anxious body I kiss you softly on your full lips, nuzzle your neck, and you take my full 8" long penis and begin to stroke it, head - to - shaft, head - to - shaft, head - to - shaft while feeling the hot drops of my cum beginning to cover your fingers and palm. You take your fingers and ran them across your tongue and down inside your mouth to taste my sweet silky smooth cum. Yuuuuuum, you began to lick your fingers and touch my flared "head" for more while I stroke your nipples up - and - down, up - and - down, up - and - down until they are blood red and hard to the touch just waiting for my body to cover you so we could touch nipple - to - nipple before thrusting my 8" dick deep inside your vagina.

***Your legs are pinned behind your head for full movement in and out with my balls slapping against your anus and vagina. After you cummed with me on top I turn your over for even deeper penetration with you resting on your hands and knees to take me ever deeper and deeper into your red hot, sweaty body. After multiple organisms "doggy" style you take my dick and let it slip into your ass while I fully finger fuck your vagina and touched you, alternating hard or soft as you like, on your clit with my thumb. You will cum several more times before we both collapsed from the pleasure and fatigue. Our sweat mingles, the sweet smell of sex filled the room, and we are both light headed from the pure pleasure of such a full sexual experience.

***My "Dear Sensuous and Sexy Lover" enjoy the Shiatsu massage while we enjoy some of the most fantastic sex ever. With the Japanese finger pressure massage every muscle, cell, and bone of your body is sensitized and brought alive. Your body is deeply relaxed while at the same time highly aroused. Our sexual fire is cinched by our multiple organisms until we can cum no more.

***After a short nap we move to the bath where I prepared some special herbal oils for soaking and then we wash each other with other special herbal lotions to cleanse our skin and further activate our nerve endings. What joy Dear Lover! Another session of Shiatsu?!

***For your comments and additions to my story please email directlyAdultFriendFinder]
AdultFriendFinder "handle": [theocean1] ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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