So is it possible.................  

thekingofkings70 47M
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8/20/2006 4:34 am

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8/20/2006 1:54 pm

So is it possible.................

With all the "love" floating around the Ireland room at the moment...thanks in no small part to the Meet on Friday 18th (you'd wonder do some actually get out at all judging by the gushing praise for a few beers and a chat....if thats the highlight of their social life...Dear God) interesting to see how long it lasts..... Im left to wonder do People REALLY see AdultFriendFinder as a medium in which to meet lasting friends or do they,like me,see the site as exactly what it is designed for meet people for sex...nothing more...nothing less

Talk to them on line...arrange to meet them.....f*ck them....dump them...and move on....thats how I and most people approach might meet a f*ck bud(s) as I have done ...if you move on......too many fish in the sea to worry about the one who gets away....thats what I've found anyway

Maybe im being cynical........your friends are the people who are there in your life,who are there for you..if and when you need em....not,as far as im concerned,on a cyberspace.....or who swear how much they love you in a blog...and how "nice you guys are" and how they are always there for you...hard that when you are either 4 hrs drive away or accross the sea...Do people embrace it like this because of a lack of real,physical friends in their life

As I say...maybe I'm each their own I guess....maybe Im more guarded than others about who I choose to make my friends...maybe Im too fussy....maybe I dont trust easily (well after way I was treated by one person in the Ireland room...)...maybe I dont want people to get inside my defences...maybe I just dont want to know cyberfriends

Or...maybe I see AdultFriendFinder for what it is.....a site to meet people...f*ck them and leave them.....

I do real friends...not ones I arrange to meet every so often and make a fuss about it......not cyberspace ones.....what good is someone miles and miles away telling you "thinking about you" and pretending they're sad for your troubles...not a lot I think it possible to have real friends on here...or is that just missing the point of the site.....??

What do you think.............??

Bottom line is..if you're not down with that I've got just TWO words for ya....

S*CK IT !!...........

Sulabula 46F
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8/20/2006 6:36 am my honest is possible to make real friends in here...Just because it is a sex site dosen't mean that you can't make friends with others...I have found the friends that I have made on this site to be very dosen't matter if its in cyberspace...

Sula xxx

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loupbleu0307 44M

8/20/2006 8:32 am

That is a very valid point you are making here. You know who your true friends are.
However, imagine two people here having such chemistry, they become real friends. I might even have found my next business partner here. Just like in life people can decide what they can give and gain from it, it's called a partnership. A partnership can be a one night stand if both people agree. If one person in the partnership expects or gives more than the other, there is an imbalance that can create hurt and resentment and plain problems, but that's another issue altogether.
I first joined one sad evening in November after everywhere was closed, and i just wanted sex. I mistakingly thought that here i could grab it off the shelf, just like that. Well why not, it is a site for adults to meet for sex right? Then I realised that pretty much the same codes applied as in real life, and that expecting getting anything too easily from this site was extremely naive.
After that fast learning evaluation (by the following morning of joining) I thought that if i was to meet great people through this site, that was a good thing anyway. Even if nothing's happened.
I arrived last august in Dublin, having a very busy career in restaurant management, going out with my friends was not necessarily an option (my friends being in France and in the Uk, and most pubs last orders being after my closing time).
If individuals or groups are happy meeting here for whatever reasons, let them be, this is the beginning of understanding sexual freedom, all done with mutual consent. It applies to people who want non committed sex, those who want a more serious relationship, those who only want to meet the same sex, those who feel lonely, those who want to cheat on their partner, those who want to have a sub/dom relationship, those who want to make friends, and even maybe those who want to exchange recipes and poetry. I might disagree or not be interested by the same things as others but it is diversity that makes life interesting.
At least by being on this site, we all accept ourselves and each other as sexual beings. This itself ought to make us more tolerant.
I have seen a few people behaving like bullies here, they are missing the point, unless someone else wants to take the abuse, they should not behave this way.
Mutual Respect, Curiosity, Accepting Other and Having Fun.
You want your fuck buddies, i want what i know i want, they want to make friends, let it be.
Live and let live.

thekingofkings70 47M

8/20/2006 8:42 am

    Quoting blonde367:
    Dunno, think its different for everyone depending on what they are looking for, think it can change as time goes on, as for the chat room, havent been in there since the meet, so dont know what the vibe is in there at the minute..
Thanks for your comment I say maybe I was being cynical or harsh but I just cant see for the life of me how you can make real lasting friends in here...its just too transitional...but as I each their own

As regards the vibe.....I think its a TAD to much sentiment and "gushing" over what was effectively a few beers and with my birthday bash...its over...done with...finished

You can only say "what a great night" so many times before people get heartily sick of it

Wish you'd come into the room more often to be honest...needs quality conversation

Get back in there !!!


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