Outlook on things......................  

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8/30/2006 9:57 pm
Outlook on things......................

When you're nobody and have nothing to show for anything that you've ever done you never question where people are coming from beyond the simplest of motivations.Don't judge yourself by somebody else's standards. You will always lose.My outlook on love is based on the idea that a love relationship is almost the same as opium: it slowly puts you to sleep, it soothes you, and gives you the illusion of sureness and security. Very deceivable.The simplest way that I can understand life is that we're born a certain way, we're taught to be something different, and we spend our whole lives trying to unravel it and ultimately align ourselves with who we really are. Life, experiences, traumas -- whatever -- they all add up to make you some altered version of what you are. So there's this battle that goes on between what you are and what you become, and it's been very important for me to unravel what I was taught to be or what I became. and to draw a direct parallel to me -- the closer I get back to being who I really am, the stronger I get, it's been a slow process for me to become whatever it is that I'm supposed to be, People do devastating things out of love and devotion. And if some guy rides a bus and blows himself up and twenty people around him because he loves God so much, it doesn't mean he's wrong or right. You can't just turn your head away from anything that you find repulsive, because in anything that has power, there has to be devotion.

I don't know if God would agree with me, but believing in God is kind of unimportant when compared to believing in yourself. Because if you go with the idea that God gave you a mind and an ability to judge things, then he would want you to believe in yourself and not worry about believing in him. By believing in yourself you will come to the conclusion that will point to something.

Stay in school. Lie to your teachers, but stay in school.

If practice makes perfect and nobody's perfect then why practice?

Everything about life makes me lonely.

At this point in time I actually don't know who I am.

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