dick shots  

theg0nk 41M
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3/14/2005 2:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

dick shots

I guess thats as interesting as crotch shots of women without a face... actually its kinda creepy. I mean, your showing off your genitals, why not include the face? Heck you might get more hits if they knew what your head looked like. Kinda the same for women too... if its just a body... without personality... its only so attractive.
Its just when I open a new page and theres this big dong flying at me I immediatly go back in my seat in fear of being dick slapped. Then again, I'm the fellow who takes pictures of his head so who am I to talk. Oh! d00d. Maybe I should post pics of my schwonz that way it will be just shots of my heads? ha no. I don't think the best part about me is my dick. However, I've never had any complaints so maybe I'm wrong about all this?

Oh well its time to go to the after work haunts.


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