strangers in the night  

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3/5/2006 5:14 pm

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strangers in the night

I can't believe what happened. I mean it was like a dream. I met a girl at a dance club last week and had the most incredible sexual experience of my life! And I never even found out her name.

She was a doll. My god she was a doll! When I looked over and saw her smiling at me I kept looking around to see who she was really looking at but it was me! Not that I am ugly. I get my share and then some but, like I said, she was awesome and then some.

She had this angelic face framed by short brown hair and her smile was fantastic. One of those smiles you have to grin along with even if you don't want to. She was wearing a short black skirt, a sheer gray top and a black jacket that was nearly as long as the skirt. Her legs were covered in black fishnet hose, but you could just see the tops of the hose and the start of the garter, that innocent slut look. Her breasts were nice and firm looking, about C cups more or less. Best of all you could see those hard nipples poking out through the fabric . . .she was thinking about fucking for sure.

I did that steadily walk up to her trying to think of a good line to use when I got there but found out I didn't need one. She smiled and when I started my pitch she laughed and grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. I wasn't about to argue! Walking behind her I got a chance to watch her ass, that nice tight ass that barely fit into that nice tight skirt. Oh man I was in heaven.

We started dancing and the music was perfect. It had this down dirty beat and the words were all about fucking. That's all I could think of as she danced against me and we ground our bodies in time with the beat.

My cock was rock hard and pressing against the fabric of my pants and making a very impressive tent if I do say so. She noticed too. Her hand brushed against it a few times and then she grabbed it and smiled as we danced. She didn't stroke it, just held my hard cock in her hands like a trophy.

Well I can take a cue and my hands slipped around and grabbed that great ass of hers and pulled her closer to me, right against me so I could feel her tits pressing against my chest. The music throbbed on and we were grinding like we were fucking right there. My hands slipped under the back to her skirt and I could feel the heat from her pussy . . .she was as horny as I was.

I tried to pull her to the edge of the dance floor to suggest we go someplace and take care of our mutual needs but she shook her head and pulled me by my cock through my pants back to her. We started kissing as we danced and I felt her hand reach into my pants and grab my cock. I almost lost my cookies right there.

I couldn't believe what she was doing right here on the dance floor. But then I looked around . . .the bodies were packed in so one saw or cared what we were doing.

She pulled the head out of my briefs and ran her finger around the hole and smeared the precum over the head. I moaned and sank my fingers deep into her ass. God I wanted to fuck her right then and there. She licked her lips and smiled back at me seeing reaction, she loved driving me mad. Her hand encircled my cock and she began to squeeze it, not stroke it like I wanted her to, but tight squeezes.

At first I wasn't to into the squeeze routine but then it started to get me. It felt as good as hard fast strokes. It felt better. I stopped bobbing to the music; I couldn't keep any beat but her squeezes. Her hands were like magic. My cock was throbbing ready to blow any second. Those squeezes were milking me and making my cum boil ready to explode.

I was just getting ready to cum when she spins around and rubs my cock head between her ass cheeks against her satin thong. She never stopped squeezing me . . .never stopped milking me. But now the precum covered cock head was sliding against her and the tickle/squeeze was too much. I grabbed her by the waist and started grinding my hips against her like mad and felt the first eruption of cum shooting. She pressed hard against me and rubbed my cock head faster as I came against her ass cheeks, back and forth, each movement making me cum harder and harder. My cum was covering her ass now and a little dripped down off her.

At last the final drops were squeezed out of me and she pulled down her skirt again and turned around. She was licking her fingers, tasting my cum and sucking it off of them. I was nearly crazy from wanting her. She put my cock back into my pants never once did she stop swaying to the music. She zipped me up and started kissing me again. Then she turned and started walking away.

I grabbed her and pulled her back. She looked shocked but not as shocked, as you would think. She pulled away but I held her close. She was trying not to smile at the look of raw hunger in my eyes but a smirk or two leaked out.

The song changed but the music was the same, strong heavy beat that sounded like fucking. My hand reached under her skirt and I felt the sopping wet crotch of her panties. She gave me a shocked look but didn't stop me. My fingers sliding under the satin with ease I could feel her wet, shaved pussy was ready and wanting. I grabbed her panties and with one jerk tore them free and dropped them there on the dance floor.

She moaned and kissed me deeply, our tongues entwined and tasting each other. I could taste my cum on her breath and it drove me mad.

I plunged two fingers into her and started to finger her good. My thumb was rubbing her clit as my fingers rammed in and out of her faster and faster. She held onto my shoulders for bracing and lifted one leg slightly so I could get in deep. She ground her hips in time to the music and soon we had our own rhythm going and her eyes closed and she bit her lips.

I slid a third finger into her and she squealed a little and then fucked down hard on my fingers driving all three deep into her. Her cum was dripping down and covering my hand making it wet and slippery. She didn't open her eyes, she just ground her hips so hard against my hand I thought it was gonna get ripped off my arm.

Then the shaking started. Her whole body started shaking at once as an orgasm ripped through her. She bit her lip so hard I thought she would bleed! Then she opened her eyes and looked at me with this wild look and grabbed my hair and pulled me in for the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

I pulled my fingers out of her and started to lick them clean while she watched but she leaned forward and helped me clean her cum off of them. We kissed again and I tried to say something but she put her fingers to my lips and silenced me. I wanted to tell her how incredible she was but she kissed me and put her fingers to my lips and backed away.

I didn't want to let her go but the way she pulled now and the look she gave me I let her go. Something in her eyes told me that it was over, so I watched her walk away and haven't seen her again.

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3/15/2006 9:51 am

Man...that was a HOT story!

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