party held under water  

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5/11/2005 10:39 pm

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party held under water

As I come in the door I can hear you downstairs in the laundry room, starting the wash. I come down to find you taking off your panties to throw in with the wash. As I grab them from your hand I feel the come squeeze over both our fingers and I know what you have been up to, as if the skirt didn’t give it away. “was one of my friends just here?” I ask as I slowly cross the room turning on the tap at the wash basin, filling it with warm water. No answer. As you bend over to put the last of the clothes in the wash, I reach two fingers up under your skirt and find your pussy is still wide open and wet. “Nevermind, finish what you were doing” I say as I unzip my jeans and bend you over the dryer, sliding gracefully into your wet pussy and stroking you slowly with long deep stern thusts, feeling the juices flow over my cock. It is hot in this room and I can feel my body begin to glisten as I settle into my workout. I can hear your breathing start to quicken and the basin is getting full as I guide you over to it and turn the taps off. I have you bent over the sink now, water dripping from your hair, and as I feel the first involuntary shudders in your pussy, I push your head underwater and fuck you for all I am worth. I can feel your pussy convulsing over and over with new waves, now convulsing in concert with your body. I lift your beautiful face and gasping mouth from the water and kiss your forehead, cuddling you and lifting you to carry you upstairs to bed.

1playfulgal 40F
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5/11/2005 11:21 pm

well hello there i see you've finally been sucked into blogland...good start to your blog...i look forward to reading more...

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