Planet Caravan  

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Planet Caravan

In the last days of the Earth, the gravitational field reshaped life as we know it. Those without sufficient strength were unable to breathe enough to sustain their own lives. Only the strongest were able to survive, but they were faced with dealing with the new reality of life on our planet. Procreation had become dangerous. The shear force exerted of one person laying on another could break fragile bones. The vital capacity needed to survive such an encounter left the exercise confined to atheletes and the very driven. At the same time, warps had developed in space-time. As the planet spun closer into the field, thoughts and feelings strung out in one's mind, sometimes taking a few minutes to complete, sometimes an eternity.

The first time we met, we were not prepared for the gravity. As her body slid down over mine, engulfing me, the force exerted was incredible. The savage needs welled up within my body, fighting the weight of her hips, to drive deep within her, fighting to balance her downward driving force. I heard her cry out as her pubic mound drove downward against my straining stomach. I heard her cry out each time her womb battered against the head of my cock, driven with three times the force of normal gravity. Our hips paced each other closely, mine reaching their apex a split second after her bones had bottomed onto my hips. Fucking her back, a second after each of her manic thrusts. The time began to warp around us again just as we were nearing our mutual orgasm. I watched her beautiful face thrown back in a silent scream. What might have felt like a butterfly flutter along the shaft of my cock, now seemed to be timed pulse after pulse with the slow beat of my heart, each pulse lasting what seemed like two minutes. For my part, my orgasm had started minutes ago in my mind, tortuously spurting forth from the start of my tubes, I could feel it bursting up along my cock, deliberately and slowly blasting against the fluttering butterfly that had driven her flesh over my cock, impaling herself with abandon as our muscles pulsed and pulsed and pulsed along with the slow, infinite beat of our hearts.

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