Big Warm Pink Towel  

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5/16/2005 11:20 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Big Warm Pink Towel

I could run a nice bath for you, with bubbles, a glass of wine, three candles and smooth jazz on the radio. Then I could help you shampoo your hair, giving you a nice massage, and running the smooth conditioner through your hair. I could wrap you in a big warm pink towel and take you to the bedroom, and dress you in some sweet looking lingerie, maybe something pink or better, baby blue. I would sit facing you with your knees overtop of mine. Then I could help you put your makeup on, tying pink ribbons in your hair, maybe pigtails, maybe a daisy for your hair too. I could hold up a vanity mirror for you so that she could make yourself pretty, with eye shadow and blush, and then I could slowly put matching pink lipstick on your lips, telling you how sweet you look. "Are you ready for your first kiss? close your eyes..." I would run my hands down your beautiful body, using the inside of my wrist to press insistently on your hip. When your body started to move I would slowly slide my hand down past your pussy to clasp the inside of your thigh, all the while softly kissing your neck. I would let you push your hips up into my wrist as I slowly massaged your inner thigh, pretending not to notice as your sweet wet pussy grinded against my wrist. Asking you if she had ever done this before, I would cover your nipples in butterfly kisses, licking softly just below your nipples and underneath your breasts. I would slide down slowly licking circles around your cute belly button, and then down your thigh, kissing back up until I found the hollow spot in your legs right next to your pussy and kissing you deeply there, right next to your pussy, close enough to feel my warm breath. Telling you how sweet the bows looked in your hair, I would promise you I wouldn't tell anyone if you let me put it in, just for a minute, so we knew what it felt like. Slowly I would pull your cute little blue panties aside, rubbing the head of my cock up and down your pussy until it was so slick it accidently popped in, blinding heat shooting into each of our bodies where we were joined, kissing your earlobes and telling you how sweet you are and slowly rocking in and out, over and over, up and down, and circling left and right, exploring every inch of your pussy with my cock, teasing your G-spot. I would listen carefully to your breathing and as it sped up, I would pretend not to notice, focusing on kissing your collarbone, pretending not to notice that you had decided to let yourself get a little too close to orgasm, I would continue licking and kissing your neck as if it were my sole focus, all the while feeling the first clutching waves of orgasm clenching my cock and drawing it in deeper.

TB49er 42F

5/19/2005 8:31 am

It's nice to read more and more of what you write. Your skills are amazing.

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