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Page Two, Chapter One

I arrived at Jemma’s door. I knocked a few times until’ I heard Jem’s voice muffling what I interpreted as “Come in”. Well I went in. Jem was lying on the couch huddled up with her arms around herself. She was sobbing softly. Her olive skin was red, blotchy and tear stained and her long dark hair clung to her wet face. She was in her pajamas and clutching a small box of tissues. I could see us eating the ice cream out of the tub and watching shitty chic movies already.
“Hey Jem, what’s wrong Hun???” I soothed.
I sat down next 2 her and gave her hug.
“Dominic broke it off with me” she sobbed. “He said I was a paranoid control freak who was trying to control his life and that ever since we started dating his blood pressure had increased dramatically” she continued with more resentment.
Poor Jem, if she thought these words where cruel god knows what would happen when she was in a real relationship.
“I mean as if I’m paranoid? ME????” Jem wasn’t crying anymore. She was looking angrier as she continued. “I’m sick of men Lolita. SICK of them. God what am I going to do????”
“Jem you’re better of without Dominic. He was a dick. You know you weren’t meant to be. He didn’t deserve you and he was intimidated by such a successful and gorgeous woman”
I doubted this was true at all, because Dominic was a cocky guy and was pretty successful and gorgeous himself. He was a bit older than me and Jem, 20, and he was a bit of a hot shot business guy. Still Jemma needed reassurance right now, not a rather rough reality check.
“Yeah I guess you’re right” Jemma sighed. “I think I’ll have a break from relationships for a while. Learn to love and live with yourself before others, isn’t that what you told me last time?”
I laughed. This was my typical soppy pep talk line.
“I’m just not good with this stuff Lol. I’m used to it. I’m not like you” Jem muttered.
Jem must have seen the slightly hurt look on my face.
“Oh god Lolita, you know I didn’t mean that”
Yes I did know she didn’t mean ‘that’. But lots of people had mentioned ‘that’ to me before and it hadn’t made my life exactly cruisy. And it still hurt even though I was fine with it and so was Jem and the important people.
‘That’ was my profession. ‘That’ was not accepted easily by most people. But ‘that was who I was.
When I was a kid I ran away from home. I was 13, and confused. It was after my first ever break up. I was young for a big break up but I’d been dating a guy called Josh for a few months and when he broke up with me it seemed like the end of the world. For a 13 year old I managed to run pretty far. I had my Dad’s credit card with me and I knew how to catch the bus so I ended up in the city of Milanado, about 50km away from the town of Jerimet where I lived at the time. Still getting there wasn’t the troublesome part of my little adventure. It was what happened when I got there. I didn’t know my way around Milanado at all and ended up in dark part of the city. So you can imagine I was pretty pleased when a guy said he’d help me. He listened to my story and said he’d get me back home alright. So I easily followed him to his apartment where he’d collect some money for my fare home. To cut the details lets just keep it short and less painful. He me. I can’t remember the details that clearly but I remember the pain. It was more the emotional than the physical. God, a 40 year old man me when I was 13. He threatened me. Said he’d tell everyone and they’d never look at me again. I’d always be a slut to them if they knew he said. He was probably right too, but she was not right to me, to take my virginity and burden my life. Yet that wasn’t enough. He bribed me into joining prostitution. Said if I just did a few jobs every now and then he wouldn’t hurt me and he’d keep my secret. He said the jobs would be very occasional and discreet and they’d never be to far to travel to from my home in Jerimet. I was scared and stupid and I didn’t really understand that I was agreeing to become a prostitute. I didn’t understand what he meant by ‘jobs’. So I agreed. I even signed a stupid contract. It was probably illegal for me to sign the contract but I wouldn’t have understood anyway. So I just signed the contract and went back to Jerimet. My parents where of course worried I’d gone but they thought I’d just came to my senses and come back. I couldn’t tell them what had happened. The man said he’d kill me. He’d know if I told or disobeyed his orders. So I just kept quite. After a month or two I thought the whole event had just been one big nightmare. I’d heard nothing more from the man. But not soon after when I was in town with my cousin I found out I was wrong. When I was alone another strange man approached me. He knew my name and he held a copy of the contract I had signed. I was taken to a building and informed of all the other things I was legally binded too. And I was given a greater description of the job. I also met some of the other girls who worked for the company. Most of them were older than me. A lot older. They were nice and they took me under their wing. They felt sorry for me. Most of them where there because of rough and unfair conditions like me. But there was one girl who was my age. That girl was Jemma.

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8/19/2005 6:14 am

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8/19/2005 6:24 am

hmm.. very interesting story. Really interested on how its going to turn out

miss_cj_000 33F

8/19/2005 9:39 am

God, I hate to have to do this....
For anyone dumb enough to message this person, it's miss_ivy again.
She's made a few changes to her profile obviously, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out who it is.
A few things I'd also like to point out:
1. Her name. The_dominatrix. Having read through (albeit briefly) her (?) responses, it would seem she identifies herself as being submissive. So a name like the_dominatrix isn't quite right.
Perhaps the_dominatrix (a.k.a miss_ivy) should check out a few BDSM sites so she can pick a more appropriate name.
2. The additional responses. Miss_ivy, I really don't know if that little story you used for the "How did you lose your virginity" question is true or not. I will, however, say this: If it is true, you should get some counselling, rather than writing about it on an adult personals site. BUT..... considering you seem to be rather full of shit, I will assume it isn't and add this: Gang actually happens to people miss_ivy. It's people like you who make things harder for the REAL victims.
You need to think before you put in stuff like that. Or, better still, get a f*cking life.
Cj. (Oh and feel free to delete this, I'll be adding it to my blog anyway)

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10/17/2005 12:48 am

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