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5/14/2006 2:13 pm

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My First Blog

Bear with me this is my BLOG, I can't guarantee anything. Really had nothing to say. However, must share an experience I had the weekend of May 5th.

I traveled back to California to visit friends and family for the weekend. Actually, met up with a old girlfriend. Decided to meet at an hotel, she wanted to be discreet. Of course I was expecting a goodtime, normally when we have the chance to hook up we always end up pleasuring each other. However this time was different. I arrived at the hotel of her chose, she texted me saying she was in room 307. She opens the door, candles are lit, incense is burning, she is wearing nothing but her T-shirt and panties. I'm automatically aroused. I step into the room she pours me a drink, my favorite Crown Royal on the rocks. As I'm standing there enjoying my drink, she unbuckles my belt and goes down on me. Damn near drowned myself with my drink, when she deepthroated me. Coughing, trying to catch my breathe as the crown is burning my throat. She pushes me over to the small couch in the room and continues to remove my pants and shorts. She continued to give me the most aggressive blow job I've every had, like she was STARVING for dick all of her life. I could barely keep control. After I could no longer control myself I told her I was cumming, from past history with her she did not like me to cum in her mouth or on her face. She stopped and I unload the most explosive cumshot i have ever had on her breast. I immediately wanted to return the favor. I grabbed her hand and lead her to the bead, damn near ripped off her panties and dove into her wet pussy and commenced to eat her out, like it was my last meal. I continued to lick and suck on her click till she couldn't take it anymore, she tried to pulled away, however, I held her down I wanted her to cum one more time in my mouth. She practically started begging me to stop, but, I didn't listen. She gave the most erotic moan I ever heard when she came all over my mouth. I finally got up cum basically dripping from my goatee, I was ready to pound that pussy with my hard ass dick for the rest of the night, however, she had other plans.

She pushed me over, and went back to giving me another blow job. For thirty minutes she gave me this blow job from heaven. I finally came, again on her beautiful DD tits. I couldn't focus, sparks dancing across my eyes, I had to go back down on her so she could experience what I was feeling or maybe I was experiencing what she was feeling. I don't know but for the rest of the night we pleasured each other orally. Multiple orgasms later we finally fel out and couldn't take it anymore. The best night of non intercourse I have every had.

I just had to share my experience. I hope you enjoyed.

brownNwonderful 41F
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12/17/2006 12:02 pm

Wow! that sounds like my kind of night. But to honest I would have needed at least some pounding. The pussy hums after being ate real good and needs to be equalized, Sure sounds good though. I have had nights similar to yours. When I lived in Baltimore I met a guy and the first time we fucked he ate and fucked me so good, my abdominal muscles were sore for a week from cummin so much! I couldn't turn around too fast, lay on my stomach or laugh they were so sore.

Same guy on another day ate me for an hour and a half and made me cum in his mouth ten times (I'm multi-orgasmic). I knew I could cum a lot, but with oral I usually only cum once or twice maybe three times if they're dedicated. But that night I learned just how far my pussy and orgasms can go.
I must admit I am looking for that experience again.

Lickm692008 51F

9/22/2008 4:15 pm

WOW!! Can I be next in line to experience such a pleasurable moment?

lucious_lips64 53F

10/2/2008 11:19 pm


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