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6/19/2006 4:43 am

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A woman feels so different than a man. The skin is is smoother and the muscles underneath are supple rather than hard. Women have all these little nooks on their bodies that are hypersensitive. There are 2 on the back of the neck under the hairline that I love to nuzzle and then I like to run my tongue down the line from her chin through the base of the throat where there is that little dell where when I suck there I can feel her pulse race. I find that the cleft between the breasts is so sweet and warm and will make the nipples ache to be tasted. Then I like to extend the anticipation by moving all the way down to her feet. Women have such graceful feet and I like to rub my thumbs along thier delicate bones and kiss her arches and ankles. I run my hands up under her calves so I can lift her legs and kiss her behind the knees. I keep her knees bent and part her legs so I can run my hands up her inner thighs over her belly barely touching her pussy in passing. I rest my hands on each side of her waist and slide my body so that my breasts and nipples drag themselves across the same places my hands have just been. Then my tongue tastes her sweetness for the first time. I suck her lips inside my mouth while my tongue teases the clit into coming out to play. When he raises his head I rub the rough flat of my toungue across him and cirle him with my tongue's tip until she raises her hips in invitation. I slowly work one finger inside her pussy without stopping what I'm doing with my mouth and begin stroking with a come here motion. Eventually that elusive g-spot comes to my finger or my finger so it and I know that I have found the right spot when her pussy muscles clench my finger and her sighs and coos increase. I massage that that bit of femininity hoping to feel it grow so that when I push against it It will gush and cover my hand with here sweet juices. But even without that rare occurance as she comes I can feel the flush of sucess tingle through my body a tenderness fills my heart as I gaze at her peacefull face.

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7/15/2006 4:48 am

Love to read your blogs please keep it up.

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10/6/2006 7:06 am

Like I said, you should be a writer!

pleasure21948 69M/68F

8/15/2007 6:00 am

Your writing will make a person crazy for you.Do you write for a living?Would love to experience with you what you have written.I can not imagine being touched like that by another women and feeling the same as you have described it.

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