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6/4/2006 6:25 am

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As you know hubby gave me a lap dance for our anniversary and it started our exploration into the world of swinging. We had originally picked to swing with only couples or women; however hubby was always distracted by something (you can guess what) and even though he loves women he never got to watch me with another man and he felt guilty because he didn't want the lady to feel he wasn't interested in her. He was really turned on by the idea of watching me enjoy another man and suggested that we try to find someone that would appeal to me and would be turned on by being watched.
We met a real southern gentleman for lunch and talked about everything including hubby's fantasy and although he didn't appear to be turned on by the idea of a voyeur he was enough into me to give it a try. We got naked right away and popped in a x-rate movie. I am always more comfortable naked and it gets rid of inhibitions about touch. I couldn't wait to touch him so I asked if he would like a back rub and sat behind him with his pelvis between my thighs and my nipples brushing his back while I rubbed his neck and shoulders feeling all the tensions melt and little tingles of excitement begin to course through his skin. I like to take charge without appearing aggressive; and as he had complimented me on my breasts, even before I got undressed, I knew that rubbing him with them would turn him on as much as it does me. As I wrappped my arms around his body I peeked over his shoulder and saw the results of my teasing and WAS I ever excited. There stood the biggest cock I had ever seen up close. I didn't rush to touch and taste it like I wanted to because anticipation is a real turn on for me and I had to behave like the mature woman I am and not a kid let loose in the candy store. I ran my hands down his arms and circled his nipples with my thumbs. I couldn't wait any longer so I laid down beside him with my head on his shoulder and replaced his hand around his cock with my own. It was silky and hard and throbbed with energy, my pussy throbbed in response.
It was time to see if it tasted as good as it felt and it did. I sucked it into my mouth over and over again but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't take it all in. I swirled my tongue around and up and down the shaft and then engulfed it with my lips and pulled as deep as I could all the while rythmically sucking. I repeated this over and over and felt the tension at the base of his cock grow so I replaced my mouth with my hand and bathed his balls with my tongue and ever so lightly sucked each ball into my mouth. I felt him relax a little and knew he had regained his control so I went back to sucking his beautiful dick with renewed fervor, but it wasn't long until he could stand no more and he took over.
He gently but forcefully removed his dick from my mouth and kissed me telling me how he loved kissing me and tasting himself on my lips. As he continued kissing me he massaged my tits and teased my clit then his fingers found my g spot as if he had been there before. Just before I was reduced to begging him to fuck me, he asked if I wanted him inside me. It was all I could do to keep my voice steady as I said YES. He lay down on his back so that I could control the depth and speed of his entry and even though I was throughly aroused his cock was so big I had difficulty taking all of him. As my pussy streched to meet his thickness I held still while he and hubby discussed how hot and tight my pussy felt around his cock.

Continued later . . . too horny to finish now . . . have to go make hubby's day.

hotmwm469 72M

6/7/2006 11:24 am

WOW!! Good story.. I hope you publish the rest of it soon...

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6/10/2006 2:14 pm

Pris, You flatter me, I was the one that was so impressed with you...You turned me on so much and made me feel so wanted that it was easy to melt in your arms..You were just great......Chris

time4naughtyfun 61M

8/8/2006 12:36 pm

I loved reading that story, what a lucky guy. It seems that telling the story got you as hot as the event itself, lucky for your hubby, LOL.

rm_licndip2 67M
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10/6/2006 6:53 am

Wow, what a great story, so nicely written. Very hot with lots of discribtion. Ever think about writing erotic stories, you should, turned my heat level up, lol!

rm_Gregy1954 62M

12/20/2006 10:14 am

Oh Gorgious Lady, What a great story and much would I like to give you more adventures to write about, more enjoyment with your hubby, who is good to watch you and me having such great pleasure. I'm sure he is excited by the idea that I am gonna make you get completely out of your mind and give you multiple orgasms, so intense, so hard, so lovely.

BuzzyOldenSouse 73M
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1/25/2007 6:06 am

Great story and you both have hot pics.

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